Hey guys what’s popping, welcome right back to the blog! Who said you can’t put sweats to the next level? Many times we associate sweat pants and shirts with lazing around and just relaxing at home so I wanted to show you how to turn it into an outfit you can wear around to more put together outings aswell as how to laze it around on outings with friend’s.

Okay so here’s the first fit

Most of the time when I wear sweat pants it’s because I wanna be comfortable and in my zone but for this outfit I wanted to be more put together and look like I was actually on a mission to do something, even though I wasn’t!

I wore this out on a day out with friends where I didn’t feel the need to be any extra. The look did me well because we were all around Johannesburg doing crazy things and this outfit allowed me to be free.

Here I wore a two piece set from Mr Price in a light grey. I generally think the colour is very flattering for when you just wanna be out and about but I also feel it’d be better styled with grey sneakers but my name is Journey and sometimes do things that don’t make sense. I also paired in my small sequence back pack from Legit just to add in a bit of sas.

For look two, I actually wore this out to work and almost got in trouble for it. To move away from just any comfortable look I paired my sweatpants with some block heels, a basic tee and a denim jacket just so that it looked more put together.

I must say that look is very flattering and does well for the cold weather. I do recommend though that if you ever try this look, go for sweats that fit you really well because with the heels then the sweats sort of look like normal pants. I guess the baggy look could also go but it will depend on your style and how you’d style it.

So those are the two ways to style your sweatpants, give me any feedback on the looks and tell me what you’d like to read next. Thank you so much for reading.


Hey guys what’s popping? Welcome right back to JourneySpeaks!! Winter is right around the corner(like literally quarter to) and so for today’s blog post I want to get you ready and rocking by showing you some staple pieces you will need to make sure you’re always stylish but still warm at the same time.

Long sleeved shirts

The first and most vital piece you’re going to need is long sleeved shirts that you can tuck in. What I love most about these sort of shirts is that they easily bring “good” shape to you and you’re still warm. They are also easy to build up an outfit with so you can never go wrong. You can pick up these type of shirts from any store (actually) and they normally go for cheap prices. If you are in South Africa then Mr Price is a good shop to go to because they’ve got them in all varieties, colours and textures.

Plain dark jeans

I don’t even think I need to explain (laughs) Almost everyone loves to be able to just quickly put on something and still look good and that’s what you’re getting with plain dark jeans. The reason I talk about plain and dark jeans is only because they are easy to make bomb ass outfits with and can easily be layered with clothing. The perfect tip about shopping for jeans is to make sure to get the perfect fit for your body so that your booty looks good!

Slim knitwear

Knitwear has always been a thing from our grannies days till now so they are a must have! What I love most about knitwear is that they add the necessary texture to any outfit and if you’d like to go vintage getting them in exoctic colours and patterns will do you well. Winter is really a great excuse for wearing knitwear but we all know theres no going wrong.

Exoctic Jackets

The reason I’m calling these “exoctic” is only because I don’t want you getting it wrong for just a normal jacket, exotic jackets take things to the next level!! These are the type of jackets that turn an all black outfit into something scrumptious. They are also the types of jackets that carry on length, texture, extreme patterns and different colours. These types are normally expensive but saving up for one or two is definitely worth it.


Okay so this is pretty much obvious and something everyone will tell you they are getting for winter but I’m going to tell you again, get yourself a pair of good quality boots that are just going to “make” your outfit. Getting neutral colours will be handy for you because then you’ll have colours that can go with pretty much anything.


Is there anyone who’s still not wearing leggings as pants? This winter get yourself some beautiful coloured leggings to match and take to the next level all your basic outfits. We normally buy plain coloured leggings(which is great by the way) but switch it up a notch by getting colours like red and green to add a bit of sauce in your life.

Yuup guys so those are the pieces I came up with, I hope that you’ve taken a few tips, that they’ve helped you in some way and that I’ll be burning from all the fire I’ll be getting from you this winter. If you do like these sort of posts please let me know and don’t forget to give it a like.

HOW TO BE HAPPY: People you need to eliminate in your life!

Most of the time we feel like we owe so many people a lot of things and we tend to stick to them even though it costs us our feelings; I’m here to tell you to stop!

If anyone by all means trys to bash/ put you down then you don’t need that person in your life! Learn to surround your self with people that uplift and make you feel better about yourself. Sometimes we stick to people because they’ve “once” done something for us yet if we calculate most of the time they are knocking us to ground, those people are not needed, eliminate them!

Only calls when they need you
Other people think it’s okay to call or text when an emergency suddenly arises; why are you even talking to them? It’s not okay. Stop being a shoulder to cry on or bending in all directions for people that don’t actually care about you. Eliminate those people and make friends or contact with people that always have your back.

Never listens to you.
Any friendship or relationship that will ever work is of people that give each other chances to speak and hear what the other is saying. If you are currently in a relation whereby the other person always feels that they should have the last say then you might need to end it! It will never work if you constantly feel like you’re at the bottom of the chain.

Empathy and compassion
Don’t stay in any relation that you ever feel emotionally, mentally or even physically hurt. Be in a relation where both can understand each other’s feelings and be able to feel for each other and help wherever possible. Eliminate the people that are inconsiderate, rude and don’t take your situations seriously!

People who don’t see the good
Other people will seriously drain you and pull you down with them; eliminate them! If a person never sees anything good about what you do or whatever you feel good about then you might just need to cut it! You don’t need people criticising the person that you are or making you feel bad about the things that mean something to you. You could be on to something but that person could bring you down that whatever you had ends up becoming nothing.

Be open to constructive criticism and have an ear for the people that will build you however try by all means to cut off the people that make you see yourself as nothing. I’m not saying be sensitive to all the comments that people throw your way because people will always have something to say but I’m saying if you have any active friendship or relationship with people like the above then you will have to either talk to them or eliminate them completely. Because you don’t want to live a life that is clouded with so much negativity and that is always pulling you down.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that this post has helped you in someway and that you’re on a Journey to becoming better.


Hey guys what’s good?!?! For today’s post I’ll be showing you a look I recently wore and giving you all the details about the outfit and where I got everything.

This is a denim on denim look and was pretty much inspired by casual street. I was very skeptical about wearing the skirt because it is short and living in place that is always full of different people with good and bad intentions I felt very uncomfortable that coming back I had to wear a jacket over.

Denim Jacket

This Jacket is a recent purchase. I bought it from Mr Price for R250.00 and to be real I’m in love! I’ve always wanted a good denim Jacket that fit me really well and this Jacket is doing the most so you best believe I will be on the lookout at Mr Price to get some more.


I’ve had this skirt for a long time now and if I’m not lying I got it on a sale rack for R50.00 at Mr Price. I remember not believing the price and actually being in awe because I actually couldn’t believe it! Love the skirt, besides the fact that it’s short and I always feel uncomfortable with the eyes I get when I’m wearing it.


I promise this post is not sponsored by Mr Price! This is also a recent purchase from Mr Price and I got it for R70.00. This is a nice simple, turquoise (if im not lying) bodysuit that can go with all outfits and can be used a staple.

These shinny little things are from Rage and if I’m honest I think I bought them for about R220.00 I was a little bit skeptical at first about the shiny color since I always like to keep it simple but trust me they work!They add sauce to any outfit and because of the deep bronze colour they go with all colours very well.

Bag : Legit

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Hey guys what is good?! If you know and follow me then you know that I haven’t been one for face care and buying all sorts of different products for the face but I recently wanted to jump on the train and see what more I could get from my skin. Today I will be reviewing the Johnson even complexion face care set.

I bought the whole set which consists of the face gel, the bar of soap as well as the moisturizer and I tried it for about a month and a half so I think it is safe to say that I’ve used enough of the product to be able to say something. I must say that I was kind of surprised about the price range because I was expecting face care as a whole to be expensive but I guess I did go for a drugstore range.

The first thing that I noticed upon using the set for the first time is that it did burn and I was kind of worried because I didn’t understand what was going on and if it would cause a bad reaction. I did build up a bit of a rash in the first few days that I did use the products but because my name is Journey I still carried on using the products. However the rash didn’t carry on for a long time, infact I think in about 2-3 days my skin was looking fresh and clear again.

The face cream does have an SPF of 15 which is quite good because it means that your skin will be protected from the sun and if you know Johannesburg then you know that it is forever heated these days,- so I needed that.

What I loved about the set is that my skin had that blur that I think everyone looks for when buying these products, giving you that natural glow. My skin felt and looked glowy which for me was a bonus because that meant that I had less problems when going out in public with my natural skin.

I would say that the gel and the moisturizer are my favorite from the set because I really didn’t see the need for the bar of soap, it didn’t feel like it was doing anything and I still felt the same afterwards. So if I did buy the set again I would skip the bar of soap.

The reason I actually chose this particular set was because my skin does have two colours so I was hoping that the products would change that and give me one natural colour but unfortunately it didn’t but instead made my skin glow in both colours.

I really don’t have much to say about the products because like I said I don’t really have problematic skin so for me it was kind of like a waste but I did want to give you guys a bit of a review and my journey using the product.

Overall I give the product a 9/10 and not a full 10 only because of the tingly burning feeling you first experience and the little rash that came about for the few days. However I give the set a huge thumbs up for not ruining my skin and causing unnecessary problems.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the little review. I’d really like to know if any of you have ever used this set and I’m very curious if it did hep your skin or just ruined it. Please leave me your comments telling me all about your experience.

Common black girl tag 2018

Hey guys what’s popping!! Welcome right back to the blog. For today’s blog post I’ll be doing the common black girl tag which I think is going to be really interesting and relatable because from reading some of the questions I noticed these are the type of questions we normally ask each other. I hope you enjoy the tag and hopefully learn something new about me!

Quick background: I am originally born in South Africa witbank. I lived there for a couple of years until I needed to start preschool, from there I moved to Nelspruit Bushbuckridge where I also lived for a few years and the left for Johannesburg which is where I am currently staying. Ethnicity wise I am a Pedi/Swati/Tsonga from South Africa but generally only speak Sepedi fully. Otherwise let’s get on with the tag!

1. have you ever been told you sound like a white girl?

All the time!! And a lot of times it’s from other black people, and I’m like “how does a white person even sound?!?”

2. do you drink starbucks?

Yes I do, however it’s not an everyday drink. I think the last time I drank Star bucks was about a year ago.

3. do people ever say you act “ghetto?”

Nah. Not really. I’m more of a quiet person in public.

4. can you dance?

Yeah when I’m home alone and I’m feeling really hyped.

5. do you eat ‘soulfood’ or do you know what it is?

Yeah I eat soul food however I feel like people always have different sorts of ideas when it comes to soul food depending on where they come from. so I’m not sure we are on the same page.

6. do you go to private, private, or charter school?

I went to a public school.

7. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Approximately about an hour and 15 minutes but that’s only because I’m forced to. Otherwise I would probably take 3 hours

8. how many selfies do you take daily?

I take a bunch! I take about 20 a day however it depends on the day and how I’m feeling because sometimes I even go for days without taking pictures.

9. do you always try to look presentable?

Yup by all means however it doesn’t always work out.

10. what are your averages grades in school?

About a 75

11. do you have a lot of friends?

I’ve got a lot of people I talk to, however only a few friends.

12. how many followers do you have on instagram?

1288, sad I know.

You can add me #wink LINK

13. does your name have “isha, ja, or nique” in it?

Lol haha no hey instead it’s a weird name used in our everyday lives.

14. do you roll your neck or eyes, commonly?

A sufficient amount a day.

15. how often do you get an attitude?

All the time! However I’m not the one to start unnecessary fights or arguments so I usually just talk a lot in my head and create dialogs of what I should have done

16. do you like taylor swift?

I’ve got nothing against her but I mean she’s not my favourite. I’ve jammed to a few songs of hers.

17. have you ever had to deal with racism?

Yes but in most cases people try to hide behind “I’m not being racist but….” Which is sick because people expect you to smile and carry on as if what they’ve said is not offensive.

18. would you date a white boy or any other ethnicity outside of your race?

Yes, if I was interested in them of course.

19. do you wear weave, if so, how often?

No but I’d like to try.

20. are you lightskin, brownskin, or darkskin?

I’d say brownskin. My skin has changed drastically from a dark skin to a brown skin.

21. are you described as loud or quiet?

Loud as heck!

22. whats the most annoying question you get asked?

”Is that your real hair?” [Rolls eyes]

23. have you ever been called “ratchet?”


24. do you pat your head or do you do the assisted scratch?

Girl I do both lol!! When a scratch needs the scratch then you gotta scratch. It don’t matter how.

25. who is your favorite african american couple?

It used be Will and Jada Smith but I think they are separated or something :/ I don’t really follow couples

26. what african american women do you look up to?

Can I say Rihanna? I love how she’s doing the things she loves and has established a way of making money through it. That for me is goals! There are a few other people like Zendaya and Keke Palmer

27. what is your favorite thing about being South African?

All the different cultures that make us one and how we can integrate different ways of doing things into one.

28. do you like fried chicken? do you like watermelon?

Yup I love both. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like fried chicken made by their momma

29. is your natural hair long?

Looking at the South African population and the length of hair they have I’d say my hair is pretty long.

30. do you commonly talk with your hands?

Is there any other way of sending through a message without using your hands?

32. have you ever been in a physical fight?

Yeah unfortunately. Lol I’m not discussing anything further!!

33. do you know how to twerk?


34. do you have any white friends?

Yeah about a few though.

35. did you enjoy this tag

I did! It honestly gave me a sense of culture and made me laugh at how familiar these questions are or how other people have asked me these questions already.

Thank you so much for reading and if this is the first time visiting this blog then I hope you subscribe and join the family