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Reviewing Rita Ora ft Chrisbrown Body On Me

Now if you haven’t heard or haven’t seen Chrisbrown and Rita Ora combined and hit up a single, Body on me and all I can say is hot! This track was just planned for and everything was just in place from the two singers, make up , choreography and the  outfits that fit in and looked casual…

Can we all just call HOT AND STEAMY first!!


Omg I have never seen such beauty can we all just agree that these two together won’t be such a bad idea..I mean look at them, they are just hot together and if this wasn’t a music we’d all be shipping them saying that there was definitely chemistry..


I have been so addicted to this music video that all can wait. I mean who doesn’t wanna watch two of God’s most beautiful creations interact?!


I so loved the video, made me feel like they were meant to be and that maybe there was hope #winks…I’ve never seen such interaction like I just felt like God what have you done?


Fully loved the video and lyrics thought it was beautiful and I’m gonna carry on indulging in it. If you haven’t watched the video I suggest you go hit up YouTube and put up that like there cause you’re gonna be blown away with all the magic that takes place. NOTE: Addictive!! Watch at your own risk..





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