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Choosing a career.

I’m at a stage where I should be decided on what career or what field I should be studying in but let me tell you, I am at a position where I’m so confused that all the subjects I’m taking are mixed up.

Really I’ve taken those career tests online and I know I’m in the entertainment, creative side but that does not mean i know where im heading.

Sometimes I feel that I should be a fashion designer but all I know to do is to draw sketches, but is that enough?will I enjoy doing this all my life? Am I even good at drawing?

Sometimes I feel that I should be an actress but in South Africa is that well paying enough to only be doing it and what if I don’t make it what’s my back up plan?

Sometimes I feel like being a singer is it..Yes I can sing, I can perform but agalin is it well paying and what’s my back up plan.

Interior designer? What do I know about plans, furniture and different kinds of tiles. Yeah I’d like to design my own house someday but not as a living.

The point in this blog post really is just that I’m undecided and I’m not sure if I ever will be until the time I have to find a job.
Yes I’m stressing about it I mean I don’t wanna end up unemployed or living with my parents at 40 but hey this is it and I just hope that in the next year I would have already decided on what I’d like to take on in the future.

What are you doing as a career or what are you interested in?


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