Teachers Who Don’t Care?

Have you ever had a teacher that never teaches you or a teacher who just can’t explain and doesn’t care?
I mean what do kids like us do? Do we just decide to keep quiet and not say a word or should we speak up and report it? But when we do report it they say it’s our fault, that it’s about respect.We kids don’t listen.

I really don’t know how to come about this matter because I don’t wanna be that child that’s just problematic but at the same time I don’t wanna be the one failing and teaching herself.

So what should I do?
Do I report it?
Let it be?


Author: Journey

Journey Lekhuleni is an 18 year old selfmade female Influencer from South Africa. Currently studying Marketing at IMM South Africa but suffers from an obsession for Makeup and Clothing.

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