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Hey babe’s how are you,
Today’s post is kind of late I don’t even know why I decided to post it right now but here we go.
So I took some celebrity pictures and tried to match up their outfits on Polyvore so that you guys  could get a clear look of what kind of style they had.



My current obsession is Pia Mia and we all know her for the knee high boots, the high waisted jeans, torn jeans, her bandana and and of course her crop tops so I put up an outfit that I’d see her wearing. So I put 2 options, a high waisted Jean or the torn Jean so that you could decide what suited you more or what you liked more but to have a completed Pia look I’d say wear the high waisted jean with everything else then you’re set to go


Then we have Rita Ora…I don’t know I just always see her in my head wearing faded shorts and big shirts. This look is inspired by her video with Chris Brown body on me.
So because the look is all clear and faded I put white Timbs to go with that. I added a white Tee so that you could do what ever you wanted weather it’s to belt it up while tucked in, leave it hanging or tying it up to make it a crop.


Then we have my all time favorite Riri…Like I don’t know I am seriously just obsessed with her, I just love the way she gangsta’s up an outfit so  that’s exactly what I did too, I roughed up the outfit with some torn jeans, put some Timbs and a bandana to gang it up and then to make sure it still looked clean added a sketched shirt and a white turtle neck crop.


Then we have my girl Taylor and can we first just talk about how stylish this look is. I mean nothing is better than back and white. As you can see I just have a black dungaree, some black ankle boots, a white crop and a sling over bag and then you’re set. This outfit is totally simple but still leaves you looking stylish and clean.

Do follow me on Polyvore to see more of my great outfits.
Journey Lekhuleni


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