Hey guys what is up? So for today I have for you some stuff that I feel like, are a must have for your handbag and that will forever help you.


  * Lip gloss, balm or moisturizer – Trust me this will help you, most of the time you probably don’t have lip moisturizer that will keep your lips kissable at all times and lips tend to get dry at least a 100 times a day so having some lip balm or something will totally help you when you see that hot guy.  

* A mirror – this is self explanatory really I mean you don’t want to be speaking to your boss with some bogus in your nose or that eye crust. So keep a mirror so that you can check yourself every now and then.


* Tampon or Pad- Girl what are you doing without one.? You should know this by now i mean what are you going to do if Your bloody friend decides to visit. This will help you especially if you are just like me and never know when your periods come.

* Comb and some hair clips and ties(especially black ones they go with everything)- Always have some, somewhere hidden in your bag just incase your hair starts going wild. Trust me they’ll come in handy when your hair starts getting in your face. 

* Deodorant- Girl here is a tip never leave without deodorant ever. Anything can happen. So keep it somewhere in there just incase you start smelling a little off.


* Mints or some bubblegum or even some minty sweets. Always have these to keep you smelling fresh and so that you don’t get scared of speaking upfront with someone.
Anyway these are the things I feel like you should never leave without in your bag. Always keep them in your bag and you’ll be good to go..


Feel like there’s something I missed? You can leave a comment below. 💋
Mirror: http://www.toppoint.com

Colorful Hair tie: http://etsy.com

Deodorant: almost any shop 

Gum: almost any shop 

8 hour Lip cream -Www.ElizabethArden.com

Pads or tampons : Any grocery shop 


Author: Journey

Journey Lekhuleni is an 18 year old selfmade female Influencer from South Africa. Currently studying Marketing at IMM South Africa but suffers from an obsession for Makeup and Clothing.

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