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Hey guys what is up? So it’s Friday again and as promised I have another outfit for the week. Honestly am not so sure about this outfit really but I kind of liked it so yeah I tried it out to see if it would work..

As you all know it’s summer(well here in SA) so I decided it would be nice to do a look with some short and after actually deciding what to wear this is what I came up with..


Anyway I chose this kind of green goldish top(I don’t know what this colour is called lol) added some really short shorts, a bandana, my moms checkered shirt (that I literally stole..ssssh ) and then the boots which I’m suprised actually fit me because i got them ages ago. Basically today I didn’t want any kind of color so that’s why you see everything is kind of brown and all neutral.



So what do you think of this outfit ? Tell  e what you think.

I hope you guys liked today’s look even though I wouldn’t say I’m very confident about this look a lot but yeah.

Top: Mr Price R39’99
Shorts: Mr Price R149,99
Checkered Shirt: Edgar’s +-R169
Boots: Not sure
You can get a bandana at Mr Price

You can stay connected and add me on Twitter @journeylekhulen and Instagram @theeoriginaljay


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