Going out to an amusement park.Hey guys what is up? So for today’s outfit I was thinking casual but still stylish like going out to an amusement park with your whole squad. You still fit in with your squad , you still fit in with the occasion with the shorts and you still look good.


Adidas Originals black cotton top
3 710 ZAR – farfetch.com

Glamorous black kimono jacket
455 ZAR – glamorous.com

Red jean shorts
790 ZAR – createdbyfortune.com

Dr. Martens patterned shoes
1 800 ZAR – zappos.com

Eugenia Kim wide brim felt hat
6 710 ZAR – net-a-porter.com

Ray-Ban over sized sunglasses
1 455 ZAR – tradesy.com

Hydrating lipstick
215 ZAR – boots.com



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  1. kelseyjanne says:

    Loving this outfit you’ve put together! 🙂 btw I really enjoy viewing your blog! Maybe you might enjoy mine at


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    1. Journey says:

      Haha after checking out your blog I must say you’ve left me quite insecure about mine..Your blog is just too awesome ❤️❤️…Thank you for the kind words


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