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Hey guys what is up? Could I be on the naughty list?

So I was writing my Christmas wish list and thought what if I am on the naughty list and like I’ve been thinking that I’ve been good all along and that everything is okay? What if Santa thinks I deserve nothing for this Christmas and that I’m the worst child ever made?


I mean yea I’ve said a few bad words this year, I might or might not have pretended to be asleep when i was actually playing with my phone the whole night and maybe i did steal the cookie from the cookie jar but really, do I deserve to be on the naughty list?

I mean the good stuff i did should be able to cover the bad stuff. I mean what about when I prayed for all the sick people, when I helped my brother wth his school work and the time I cleaned the whole house by my self (well Journey that is your job and you are meant to do it alone )well I might have tried to strangle him a couple of times when he didn’t understand what I tried to tell him but I did help him after all right?


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