BLOGMAS DAY 7: What I love about Christmas.

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Hey guys what is up so today I decided to tell you guys what I love about Christmas because it is well the Christmas season and why not give it some credit?


So the first thing has to be gifts, no matter how much we try to be modest and act like gifts aren’t everything or don’t mean anything we all know that they play a huge part of Xmas I mean who doesn’t liked getting dome free stuff from family and friends. I mean you get some new stuff and then you get the feel that the person actually thought about you and asked themselves if you’d like that thing. So really besides everything else I love getting some gifts.

The cooking
I mean let’s just take some time to thank all those people (more like our parents ) who take all their time cooking and balmy  some real good food, I mean that smell! Literally when I think Christmas I think food I mean what’s better than sitting in your comfy clothes with a few tubs of cookies.

Family time
Something that I really love about Christmas is really just hanging around with family  talking about old stories and just having fun as a family. I mean we can all just have cosy talks, watch movies and just have a happy time

Okay so I think that’s literally what i love about Christmas. Having some good laughs with my family, while eating some good food and exchanging gifts.
What do you like about Christmas? Tell me all about it in the comment section.mwah!

Author: Journey

Journey Lekhuleni is an 18 year old selfmade female Influencer from South Africa. Currently studying Marketing at IMM South Africa but suffers from an obsession for Makeup and Clothing.

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