Hey guys so today’s post is a bit personal and it’s about my kind of style keeping in mind that I am still a kid, still in highschool with no job. I don’t have the necessary finance to actually buy the clothes that I would like to see myself wearing or that i think is or are my type of style. So this is me literally telling you guys about my kind of style or how I would paint myself in terms of clothing.

Describing my style.
My style depends on how I feel that day, I like keeping simple and stylish  but on some days I feel all gangy and just like I don’t care, so it pretty much depends on how I feel that day but yeah. Some days I like shorts and long Tees or on some days dresses and black jeans or on some days I’d rock up some torn jeans and some dress shirt.

Okay so if I had to describe my kind of style in one word I would say pretty much simple. I prefer colors like blue, black, white, grey and should I say maybe neutrals./? Because those are literally the colours I’m obsessed with.

I don’t know if you know but I don’t wear jewelry like at all because of church. I’m not allowed unless I’m like married, only exception is a watch. So what ever I wear I have to make sure it is something that can work with even without jewelry.

I don’t know I don’t own that much shoes but I do like sneakers and heels. I haven’t worn heels a lot because I feel like I’m still young to be walking around in heels and I haven’t been to events that actually need heels unlike church. Boots are also awesome like they complete a look especially army boots and knee highs like OMG the things I could do with boots.But I am more of a both girl even though I spend most of my days in sneakers and sandals.

I love jeans I don’t know I just feel complete wearing jeans. I feel like my outfit is right and sort of like fits in with everyone else. I literally spend most of my days where I go out with like friends or to the mall wearing jeans. My favorite types of jeans are torn jeans and highwaisted jeans. I also like boyfriend jeans but I have a really slim waist so boyfriend jeans for me look more like “don’t fit me” jeans but yeah it just depends on how I feel that day whether I want to go all gangster or more sophisticated and simple.

For me accessorizing is just adding that one thing that adds a little touch to my outfit. Like adding some sunglasses, maybe a hat, a scarf or even your phone case. That just does it for me, it doesn’t have to be something big or something over the top, a watch could do. For me also nails are like accessories so adding fake nails that go with the type of clothes You like to wear for me is a bonus.

So that is literally my style, not all of it but atleast like half of it because I don’t wanna bore you with all the details from socks to headbands so yeah. Watch out for the next my style post where I’ll go in to more details on how I style myself and thank you very much for reading my posts and liking them.

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Author: Journey

Journey Lekhuleni is an 18 year old selfmade female Influencer from South Africa. Currently studying Marketing at IMM South Africa but suffers from an obsession for Makeup and Clothing.

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