Hey guys what is up? So for today’s post I’m gonna help you look more confident even though you’re not because I know that many of us have problems of looking like we know what we’re doing when we have to. 

Anyway today is a 3 step kind of thing. I’ll give you guys just three steps and you’ll like you own the ish when infavy you don’t.
FIRST STEP is to do the cliche thing that everyone tells you to do. HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH. Yes girl your eyes should be on top of every one else’s. This will make you look like you’re high, you know what you are doing and everything.
THE SECOND STEP is to have the right posture. Yes make your shoulders look strong, stand up straight and and have your neck high. No not uncomfortably but in a relaxed way. 
THE THIRD STEP is to let your eyes do all the talking. Yes let your eyes show everyone that you know what you’re doing and let everyone kind of feel intimidated and trust me you’ll look like you just know it.
Use these tips and trust me you’ll look like you know it. 


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