Hey guys what is up? So for today I just want to wish everyone a good time..I know this is early but I wanna have your guys’ attention because I really want you guys to have a good time even though I want you guys to be safe and protected. 

I wish that we all make it to the new year and I hope that we all have a good time, I mean turn down for what right? 
I love you guys so much and thank you to everyone who’s been with me from the beginning. I know that you guy might think I’m still small and that my blog hasn’t made any progress yet but all the little that you guys do for me, liking and commenting on my pictures even though to some people it’s a little for me it means a lot. 
Especially those who have stuck up with me from the beginning when I still didn’t even know what I was doing. Always remember 
Anyway remember to have fun and stay safe today I love you guys and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Author: Journey

Journey Lekhuleni is an 18 year old selfmade female Influencer from South Africa. Currently studying Marketing at IMM South Africa but suffers from an obsession for Makeup and Clothing.

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