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Hey guys what is up? Because I am literally so excited,I’m literally flying over the moon right now, wanna know why?


Well yesterday I was going through one of my favorite blogs ThoughtfulTash and as I was going through it, guys guess what? Tash had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and I can not explain to you how excited I am because it really means a lot to me that some people out there actually notice the things I do and not to mention that this is my first ever award nomination. So girl thanks and I mean a lot 😘❀️.

So there are rules for this award You’ve got to…
* Thank the person who nominated you

* Share 7 things about you

* Nominate other blogs to do it!

Here are 7 facts about me.

1. I don’t like going out with people I’m not used to. Actually scratch that I’m like that loner kid who is better of alone. I literally don’t mind not having any friends. I live off the internet.

2. I’m not like other teenagers. No I don’t party. No I don’t hang out. I don’t do boyfriends. I just sit at home and stalk hot models off the internet.

3. I’m really good at hiding my feelings.

4. I am always singing. Like literally I’m that kid that never stops.

5. I have a child. Okay wait I mean before my aunt died she asked me to take her child as my own and at first we thought she was joking but then she died a few weeks later so Yeah…Kesha is turning 5 this year and I overlook the fact that I’m actually 16 and yeah.

6. I can’t perform in front of people because I’m scared of being judged and hate comments.

7. I always go back to past events and regret the things I’ve said or done, overthink it and just have mini heart attacks.

4 People I nominate.

1. Vestislis

2. Signed with a Smile

3. With All My Affection

4. Style By Kaka

Once again thank you to thoughtfulTash for nominating me like this means a whole lot to me.



  1. thoughtfultash says:

    I’m so glad you did this, I loved reading your answers!
    I literally live on the internet too and admire of how pretty models are in comparison to 16 year old tash πŸ˜€ But thats so interesting that you care for your Aunt’s daughter. It just shows hoe responsible and how much you meant to her! -Tash xx

    Liked by 1 person

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