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Hey guys what is up? Ever wanted to buy something that you saw online or at a shop but couldn’t find it?  Well me too. This is a RANT.

Hey guys, I have a problem. Okay I’m one of those girls who like going online before an event or a shopping trip, to go and see what the shop I’m going to, has. I don’t know I just like making up outfits before gong to the shop so that I know what kind of clothes I going to go shop for that day. 

I don’t know if it’s me but all the time when I go check these online shops. I see all these amazingly beautiful clothing that I’m just like “yup getting that tomorrow” but all the time,  the next day or whenever I go shopping I never find the same clothes i saw online. I maybe see the pieces I didn’t like but never the ones that I wanted.
Its like they put up all the great outfits online or on their social medias just for decoration or just to get your attention. What is up with that? I mean you could also just say on your website “only available for online purchases” because all the false hope you’re giving me isnt good for my heart. Keep in mind that I never shop online, I just feel like it might come looking completely different to what I saw online so that for me is actually sad.

Or you find that the pieces you liked will only come instock when you don’t have the money. Like why?!

Tell me if I’m the only one or if it’s just the shops I go to. Or is it that my eyes aren’t sharp enough to see the pieces.

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