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Hey guys what is up? So today I thought about writing about how to stay inspired, well how I get inspired because let’s just say with out these tips then I’d probably be a lost cause. Because I tend to get inspired but then loose the inspiration after 10 minutes. To deal with this I came up with a way to actually keep going at it with inspiration, I kept feeding myself the inspiration every now and then…Let me tell you how.


● Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Weheartit!
The first ever thing that I actually ever do is go around on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram or Weheartit. I feel like this is where you probably can get the most inspiration. Whether it’s a quote you’re looking for or an outfit to wear, these places are always there to lend a hand. So I normally go there just get about what I could do, where I’d like to see myself and just for some eye candy. Putting a poster up will also help you, get some pictures of what you feel inspired by and put it somewhere where you can see it all the time to get that dose of inspiration.

● Think!
Yes thinking always helps. Think about the things you’d like to achieve and where you’d like to see yourself or who you’d like to be. After thinking about all these questions then set yourself to action! Try achieve the things you want and push yourself to be the best at what you want to be. Setting yourself some goals will also help you. So give yourself a time at which you’d like to have completed your goal and also try putting a reminder that will forever remind you that you’ve gotta work on your goal.


● Watch inspirational videos
Most of the time when I watch videos or documentaries about how a succesful person got to be where they are I feel inspired. So I always make sure to watch these kind of videos all the time. When I know I’d like to do something but have no inspiration or any type of motivation then I go watch these kind of videos because I know after watching them I’m gonna feel like I can do it too and start working at it. So watch your role model or read about how they got to where they are and you’ll get that inspiration.


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