Hey guys what is up? As promised today im going to show you guys the stuff I got last week on my little makeup trip. Now let me warn you, it’s no big brands or any fancy type of ish. I’m just showing you guys these products just so that you can see what I bought, not for you to go and buy the things I bought or anything like that because I don’t know how good these things are or even if they are good at all(newbie here) anyway let’s get back to what I bought.

● Eyeshadow by Legit.


I got this eyeshadow for R44.99 at Legit. The reason I actually bought it was because it had the colour black in, which the other eyeshadow I got didn’t have. Legit has about 4 different eyeshadows ranging from the type of eye look you’re going for, well I never considered this I just bought the set that I thought looked nice.

● Brushes.


As I said last week, I went around looking for brusheJey s and when I saw the prices I was like no I’m not just about to spend this whole money on two brushes. However at Jet they had like a little mini set of brushes that for a person who didn’t know anything about makeup was something. So I decided to get it. It was R29.99 and consisted of 5 brushes. A spoolie, 
Something that kind of looked like a powder brush, 2 small angle shadow brushes and an eye smudge brush(correct me if I’m wrong). What I also liked is that these came with a little mini makeup bag.






● Eyeshadow by Jet


I got this for R29.99 from Jet too. What I liked about this set was the many colours that I got and the third color on the first row really had my attention. Besides that I actually just grabbed it because well, why not and it was worth the try too. 

● Lip liner by Smudge.


This has to probably be my favorite product out of all. I actually love lip products and stuff like that so getting a lip liner was exciting. I got this lip liner from Clicks for R29.99 in the colour Robust Red and totally love it.

Yuup guys those are all the things that I bought. It was really super exciting to get all these things and I’ll probably go back again next week to go buy some new things.

Let’s talk about lip liners. What is your favorite lip liner and what is your go to lip colour? Leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “MAKE UP HAUL.

  1. Yes girl I did see it and actually left a comment but for some reason it looks like I didn’t. But thanks a lot for nominating me, it means a lot to me and I’ll be posting my answers this week. Thanks a lot ❤👑


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