Hey guys what is up? Long time isn’t it? So last week I actually went shopping to Mr Price and I decided to show you guys what I got. It wasn’t that much that I got cause the actual purpose was to just get some winter tees but it definitely didn’t go as planned.

So everything that I got is actually from Mr Price which Is one of my favourite clothing stores because of the stylish clothing and you can actually look at the price tags without fainting. Let’s get to what I bought…



So the first thing I got was this top. My mother actually chose this top which I really love. I do however ask myself how my mother coaxed me into buying this shirt in this colour, was this the only colour? Did she drug me? What happened?  Because if you know me, these days the only colours I’m forever wearing are black, grey and white. How I got a purple shirt I don’t know. But I really do like this shirt even though I lack in the boobies department.


Then I got this long white shirt. What attracted me to this shirt was the writing on it, that just did it for me. I also liked the fact that it was long because I’ve really been loving some long shirts these days so that was cool too. This shirt is also very open, kind of like a dressy way so I thought I could easily style it. Whether I wanted to tuck it in or leave it out. I also have a really small waist so I wanted to cover the space that my bad jeans left on my waist.


The next thing I bought were some stalkings because it’s actually getting chillier and chillier in SA so I wanted to be safe. These are just to really wear at school under my pants or skirt when it’s cold. I love how they are skinny but still warm so you don’t have to worry about them making you look like a panda(were you like me, singing the panda song?!, no? Oh okay), so you can still add on some other clothing on it too.


Another thing I bought believe it not were some leggings. I’ve always been the girl to criticise leggings and calling them names so when I actually decided to try them out I was shocked and realised I was actually growing. I actually have been in love with these leggings even though I’m quite cautious about my bum being literally out there. I really do love the material of the leggings, it’s not too skinny so it kinda makes you feel like you’re wearing pants. The material is also so comfortable and warm so they are always the go to for warm but comfy looks.


The last thing that I got was a sweater which I was really excited about. This is actually the first sweater I ever bought because I’ve always had a thing with the girl sweaters. They were either too girly or too much. I actually bought this sweater because it was black and as you know I love everything black so why not? The material though was kind of rough, I don’t know is this how all sweaters are? Otherwise I really love how the black and the silver go together.

Purple shirt : R59.99
Long shirt : Not sure…
Stalkings : 59.99
Leggings : R99.99
Sweater : R99.99

I’m not so sure about the prices though guys because I’ve lost the till slip and the price tags so I’m not so sure but I’ll go double check for you.

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