Hey guys what is up? The new instagram is giving me life! Thumbs up if it actually matches your theme. Anyway today I have for you guys 10 outfits for the winter. I don’t know about where you live but here in SA The winter is getting pretty hyped up and well you gotta cover up. So I thought I’d do some outfits for those who live in countries where it’s cold but if not then don’t worry I won’t be bringing out some huge ass jackets these outfits are pretty cool too, to just wear.

First thing is that none of these girls below are me. So by any means the girls you see here or the outfits you see aren’t actually mine or me so don’t be think I transition.


Polo Neck + High waisted pants.
This is the perfect way to look sexy and still cover up. I don’t actually think that you’d be warm that much with this outfit alone just like this but it’s a great outfit for when it’s chilly and not that cold. However you could also add a long coat with this outfit and then you’d still look good but still feel warm. What I love about this outfit is how it gives you long legs, puts everything into place and with the polo neck it gives your outfit a whole new stylish look. This outfit is perfect for meeting friends and even when you’re going to work.


Oversized Sweater + Jeans
What I love about this outfit is how the pieces cancel each other out and balance each other out. I mean with the oversized sweater the sweater the look would have looked more casual and kind of like no effort but because a simple piece was added with it. The look went from a no effort casual to a more stylish and put together look. So I really love this outfit. You could still feel comfortable and underdressed when you actually look like you took some time creating the look. I also love the shoes, this just adds more to the casualness of the outfit and goes with the sweater.


Sweater + Stalkings + Boots
This is actually the look, that I love going for all the time. Especially at school, I rock my skirt with some stalkings to just keep me still looking good and sexy butt then because it’s cold I know that I’m still covered up. Yes this outfit is not that warm and maybe should be worn on days when it’s just chilly but it’s a really great stylish outfit. Obviously if you’re going to be wearing a skirt, your shoes have to be on point too so ankle boots are actually the go to. They’ll give the outfit a bit more edginess but will still look good especially when wearing a skater skirt.


Formal Sweater + Jeans
This outfit is for people going to noticible events or places. Like if you’re going to work or meeting a couple of people then this look will do you good. Putting in the white shirt in it is what makes it more acceptable to wear at places like work. Because if you think about it, wearing this outfit without the white shirt would look like an outfit you wear when you’re with friends and not to work. So the white shirt gives the outfit a form of formalness and puts the whole outfit together. The boots also make the outfit more edgy and kind of sophisticated so that it looks like an outfit that needed time to think about.


Polo Neck + High waisted long skirt.
This one is like the one about the jeans and the the polo neck. Obviously though because you’re going to be wearing a skirt it gives and more sophisticated and formal look. Especially if you’ve got a skirt like this then it’ll make your legs look much sexier. You can style this look up with some nice shoes that will make your legs more popping because the main focus on the skirt is the legs.


Long Knitwear Sweater + leggings
This is such a great look. It keeps you feeling very warm while being very comfortable. This is just me when I want to look presentable for people coming over or when I’m going shopping. What I like about this look is that it is a very simple and easy look that everyone can style. And it’s cute too.


Huge scarfs.
I don’t wear many scarfs or own a lot but I really like when other people style them. Scarfs just bring a whole new look to an outfit. From a boring or simple look to something new and fresh. So this winter you’re given a chance to bring out all the scarfs so let that be your excuse. Style your outfits with huge long scarfs and bring a whole new statement to your look. I’d definitely wear this on meeting new people or on days when I’m going out. Adding huge sunglasses while wearing huge scarfs also looks good.


Sweat pants.
Remember when sweat pants used to be the ish? Bring those back. Not only are sweat pants comfortable and warm but they have a relaxed aura and can easily be styled. So when going to the airport, meeting a couple of friends or just even walking your dog you can just style up some sweat pants and still look good while still stylish. Simple but cute.


Big coats + Jackets.
Big jackets and coats are like scarfs. They bring a whole new statement to your outfit and change it up making it more sophisticated and give it this aura of confidence. Not only that but if it’s really cold you an layer up inside. So you can wear 20 shirts and 5 jackets but you’d still look good and put together. Adding great shoes like boots and heels to the outfit will also make the outfit pop out a bit more.


Knit wear + layers.
This is also another outfit I like rocking all the time. Wearing whole lot of knitwear and laying it out with leggings and jackets. I feel like with knitwear you can do so many things especially since the material is kind of big so you get the chance of adding more shirts under and popping ßout a few materials to give it the more casual look. Because I feel like with knit wear your look, looks so effortless and relaxed so you can add many things to it.

Yup guys so those are all the outfits I found on Pinterest and Weheartit that I love that we can all rock this coming winter. Also I feel like I should apologise. I don’t know if you guys noticed but I’ve Recently been feeling very distant and kind of like lacking motivation so I just want to apologise for these past weeks and the consistency of my writing. Yes I know I’ve been writing but I feel like it wasn’t with my full potential. So I just want to apologise to all those who’ve been reading my posts and saw that something was lacking but also I’d like to say thank you to those who’ve kept on read my posts even with me being like this.

Also my blog recently turned 1 so to celebrate that I wanted to do a Q and A so you guys can leave me your questions on any of my social media handles and I’ll include them in the post.

Stay connected.
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