Hey guys what is up? Today I’m doing a review! Yup you can welcome it back with a slow clap..The only time that I’ve actually done a review was last year when I started blogging and ever since I just stopped. I had products that I could review but have just been putting the idea off but today I’ve decided to bring it back and I really hope to actually do more of these. So fingers crossed. Today I’ll be reviewing the Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer.

Recently I relaxed my hair with this magic and have been getting many comments from people saying my hair looked good and healthy so I just wanted to list the pros and cons of the pridyct and kind of like share my experience with this relaxer.

The relaxer was supposed to be a  multi-functional no-mix relaxer which contained FAT PROTEIN complex that helped replenish conditioning agents back into hair while efficiently straightening

So this relaxer was actually R33.99 which I think was a good price for 450ml. I bought like the single super package rather than the one with all the mixing and adding. It comes in a normal purple Dark and Lovely tub and pretty much normal in the inside(white)

So the first thing that I noticed was that the relaxer smelt very chemically. I know it’s kind of rare to find relaxers with a good smell but theres other relaxers that even though they smell chemically they also have like a good scent with them so i was kinda hoping this would be the case but it wasnt. Though the relaxer worked pretty well. I had bought the super because well I always feel like my hair needs all that work cause I don’t relax my hair that much and the relaxer did it’s job perfectly.

Another thing I noticed was that my hair felt soo soft (I’m not kidding) and i could comb my hair with my hands while my hair was wet (which is something i normally can’t do). It’s actually rare that my hair feels  soft so I was really enjoying the softness for the limited time it stayed for. The softness though kind of like started leaving/fading after washing my hair with some shampoo and like the roughness came back.

Another thing was that the relaxer was like hard, not hard but like thick so when applying it I was kinda not sure if it would work. I don’t know if this is because of where I bought it or if this is how it came naturally but it kind of leaves you wondering. Nevertheless the relaxer really did it’s job for the approximate 20 mins I had it on for because my hair was really straightened and all the growth had eased off. Because if you would have “tried” put your hand through my hair before relaxing my hair(I do not promote this), you would have felt that my hair had been really messed up and just didn’t wanna be tamed. So using this relaxer actually helped me cause all of that was gone and my hair was really laid back and was just easy to control.

I did however notice that my hair was dry af. The relaxer didn’t have any type of extra oils with it, so after drying my hair it was so dry and really needed some moisturising. Which I didn’t like because I like feeling as though my relaxer does more than one job. Even if I am going to go the extra mile of moisturising it. So I don’t understand when they say that it contains fat, because then I don’t understand why my hair was dry. I think this might have been because the relaxer was thick from the beginning but I’m not sure.

Otherwise I really loved the relaxer. My hair is laid back really well and just easy to control. I have had this relaxer for about three days now and I don’t have any problems with it yet besides for the dryness I regularly feel. I’m not sure if I would go back to this relaxer because of the dryness but the relaxer pretty much did its relaxing part very well. I didn’t get chemically burnt that much for the 20 mins I had it for even though it was super. And it wasn’t expensive or anything.



No Moisturiser


With Moisturiser


With Moisturiser

So I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who can deal with the dryness and who has a plan on what to do with the dryness. Overall I really liked it but just not sure if I’d go back to it again. 






  1. Zaiba Official says:

    i just used it 2 months ago and tbh it doesn’t stay as long as the box version. When using the box relaxer, my hair stays 4 months tops before i need to retouch, but with this…2 months and i need a retouch. I wash my hair once a week, so i think the box version holds better than this fat protein bodifying version. I’m so disappointed in it.


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