Hey guys what is up? You see that trend that’s been going around with everyone saving money by doing their very own nails? I tried doing it today (keyword being I tried) and yo! Let me tell you all about the experience..
I know you probably think this is a weird as heck post but there’s so many expectations that weren’t met and we gotta talk about this.



When I bought the nail tips and everything else I thought you know this was going to be a quick and easy job as all those YouTube videos I’ve watched showed. But this was not the case! This was so not the case!
First if you’re as dumb as me (lol no offense) your nails will not take 10 minutes. Why I thought this, lol I really don’t know but I just maybe thought an hour would be the max.
Here’s what happened.

Choosing a size for my nails took me hours(I’m exaggerating) I couldn’t find the “perfect” size for my nails and trust me it wasn’t me. You can’t just pick whatever you feel like.
Sticking them was also a pain because for some reason they didn’t wanna stick. I kept on putting layer and layer of glue until you couldn’t see my nail and then had to soak my nails in some nail polish remover to remove all the glue(I probably have a few more defined muscles for all the work).
While cutting the nails to the correct size guess what? Lol the nails started getting loose. I had to restart the whole process then.

Also let me just say the shaping of the nails take so long. I was busy filing and filing the whole day.
Then when everything was actually going according to plan I started painting my nails. Which I actually ruined. Lol the nails looked so good from far until they were up close. Though I do think that’s because I have never in my life applied nail polish because of my religion.(haha I know I’m sad trust me)
I know you guys probably think that I’m very negative lol but no I just wanted you guys to read about my funny experience. I actually had a good time diying my nails and even though I wouldn’t actually shake anyone’s hand with those nails on I’m actually proud of the little that I did.
I hope you know that most of the details are exaggerated to make it a bit more funny. So don’t let that put you off the whole experience.
Tell me about any funny first experience you’ve ever had as a comment.

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I hope that you enjoyed reading my first experience with doing diy nails and I hope you read it the way I kind of hope you read it (makes sense? No? Okay).



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