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Hey guys what is up? A few days ago I was introduced to Adoreme and they gave me a really good blogpost idea. Adoreme is a lingerie company that sells top quality bras and panties

for affordable prices. The idea was to share with you guys my ideal date night outfit and share with you what I feel most confident in.

You guys know that I really love dark colours and tight clothing so for me if I had to go on a date, I would try to make sure I still incorporate the type of things I like. Remember we’re trying to make the date like us for who we are(which includes clothing)  not for what we’re wearing. However also incorporating what the date likes is a great idea so I wouldn’t wear a chocker if he really hates them(but then again he should like me for me not my clothing)

The first outfit I would pull out in my wardrobe if I knew I had a date would be a dress.  A dress is one of the simplest ways to look good without looking like you’ve tried too hard. I’m a booties girl so I would match up my dress with some booties (ankle or knee-high) and to add a little I tried I would add a cool jacket with it. I really love long jackets and shirts so I would make sure to add in one just to give the outfit a big more oomf.

Sometimes you also have to think about the type of person you’re meeting so consider what they like or the type of things that they wear. So if I had to be meeting someone who liked street outfits then I wouldnt make a deal of wearing a dress but maybe jeans. But you don’t wanna look too relaxed or like you don’t wanna be there so make sure that the Jean’s or your street look is mixed with a little classy.

Wearing knee high or over the knee high boots is also an easy way to make an outfit look very classy or like you actually tried. So switch your sneakers for your knee high boots and that will make your outfit look more chic.

Another great way to go classy wearing pants is wearing a jumpsuit. One that is tight or that actually outlines your body quite well. Then you won’t feel like you went too much wearing a dress or that you’re too dressed down.

So yeah my ideal date night outfit would definitely look like one of the above. I would try to make an outfit as casual as possible but also a bit classy. Try look like I tried and that I actually wanna be on the date while not looking like I’m trying too hard.

Another thing to consider is how to be confident. Being confident is a great personality and makes everything much easier for the person you’re going on the date with. So what do I do to feel confident? -On point! To feel confident I always make sure to wear things that I know look good on me and that no one can tell me anything about. So make sure to put on the things that even if your date says you look bad you can back yourself up. Be on point in your eyes. Another thing that makes me feel very confident is a bold red lipstick, actually scratch that if I have any red lipstick then I feel confident because I know it goes well with my skin tone. So whenever I need a booster I make sure to just put on some red lipstick.

Let’s talk lingerie. Okay with lingerie you honestly have to make sure you’re comfortable so if I had to choose I would definitely go with something covered up, something that will definitely sit right and not make me question if it’s falling or if it’s still covering my parts. But also see which lingerie looks good with whathe you are wearing. Obviously if you’re wearing a tight dress then you’d have to make sure that the type of lingerie you’re wearing doesn’t make those lines and that if your dress has an open back or shoulders that your straps don’t make a show.

But also make sure that you’re always comfortable on the inside first because speaking from experience if you’re not comfortable trust me many things can go wrong. And your date could get ruined.

For some great lingerie pieces at affordable prices go and check out Adoreme’s site. They have some really pretty pieces and different types of clothing there and you can get your first set at $24.95 on your first order when you join the VIP membership. So yes  go check them out.


Yuup guys so that’s my ideal date night. Well in terms of outfit and the things I would do to make me feel confident. What’s your perfect date night?  Also don’t forget to check out Adoreme and I’d just like to say thank you for the amazing blogpost idea.


7 thoughts on “DATE NIGHT OUTFIT.

  1. Date night outfits can be so hard to pick! I’m definitely somewhere in between “wanna make an effort” but also “i just wanna be comfy”. It’s nice when you actually make an effort but you should also know when too much is too much! Loved your suggestions though! 🙂

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