Hey guys what is up? Today I’m gonna show you guys one of my outfits. I’ve really wanted to create a typical fashion blog with my own outfits so I’ve decided to take that up. So these days I’m gonna post my OOTDS when ever I can get someone to take pictures of me.

Today’s outfit is one I actually love wearing when summer hits up. It’s a really cute outfit when you know you’re gonna meet your friends of just on any casual day.
Skirt : I got this skirt about a year and a half ago at Mr Price for about R70. I think it was for sale for some reason but I’ve absolutely been loving it till this day.
Shirt : I swear I’m not sponsored by Mr Price lol. The first store I enter always seems to be Mr Price so that’s where I normally get all my clothes. This shirt is also from Mr Price and I think it was about R50/R60.

Shoes : These are actually not mine. I borrowed them from a friend because I had left all my shoes at home when I was staying over at her house for about a week but these are Palladiums which you can get from a normal Palladium store.

Anyway yup guys that was my Outfit Of The Week. I promise that after I’m done with exams I’ll give you guys better content and be more active.

Anyway leave a comment telling me about your favourite clothing colour.

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