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Hey guys what is up? So just wanted to drop by and explain the reason behind my disappearance. But first! Happy quarter to December, we are literally days away and I don’t know about you but i’m already pumped up! I am ready to throw away December.

At the moment, I am currently in between my final exams and if I could say one word -HECTIC! Honestly I have zero time to do anything and with the way everything is so stressful I’ve decided to just lay off blogging and some social media platforms for a while.

Yes, you will sometimes see my comments and likes on your pictures or your blog posts and that’s because I do have my gadgets but I’m not fully engaging and posting my stuff. I will sometimes be looking at your content just because I know I’d go mad without any social networking. Literally guys I tried it but I’m too addicted, Rehab can’t save me.

Through out the whole of October I will have some blog posts that have been scheduled out or that I’ve thought to do on my free time. Just so that I can have some content running and so that I can still give you guys something to read. Honestly i hate reading your posts and knowing that I have nothing written.

So yes! If you are in between exams I wish you all the best through it all. LETS GRAB IT BY THE BALLS!!

If you’ve been reading my blog since last year then you know that last year I did Blogmas and honestly it was a really fun experience and I got to learn a few things about blogging(lol I spent most of my time on the internet looking for more post ideas and just how to make my blog interesting).So for this year to add a little juice I’ve decided to do collabmas. I really feel like this is going to be a huge challenge, a chance to meet some new people and lastly a really enjoyable time.

But obviously I can’t do it without you guys so like I’ve mentioned on my instagram I’m looking for any bloggers who are interested in collaborating with me for the Christmas season. I really want this to be an amazing time for all of us so if you’re interested you can either email me on or dm me on any of my other social media. I’m really friendly so don’t be shy lol. I will also be contacting some of you guys that I’d really like to know better or to just generally collab with.

Anyway thank you for reading! Don’t forget to add me on

Instagram theeoriginaljay

Twitter @theeoriginaljay

Snapchat: theeoriginaljay



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