Hey guys what is up? Welcome to the last day of collabmas!! Firstly MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, I hope you have the best time today and that you spend it worthily. Today’s collaboration is with the amazing Jasmine. Jasmine owns the blog and she is such a lovely girl. She’s so bubbly and her character is absolutely amazing. Anyway we’re collaborating on our lazy morning routines and just what we do on lazy mornings. 

Okay so I have a lot of lazy mornings. Firstly I sleep very late at night so when I do wake up the next morning or afternoon I’m very tired and normally don’t want to do anything.

So I’d wake up at about 10 or 11 in the morning and start getting my body warmed up for the day(this normally takes a long time). I’d lie in bed for maybe an hour or two while busy with my phone, texting my friends and listening to music.

At about 11-11:30 I’ll start going to the kitchen to make myself food and this normally consists of bread and cheese because I eat nothing else. Also note that I never actually eat breakfast because this will be the only food I eat till dinner. And while I eat I’ll put on some music and start lip singing and acting out some songs which will also delay the process of eating. 

I’ll also make myself a hot drink then start leaving for the lounge. In the lounge I’ll lay around on the couch and  watch lots of movies and serieses which normally consist of Road to Recovery, Meet the Fosters and Gotham . Then after a few hours of that and getting tired of just lounging around I’ll start getting ready to bath. 

I’ll normally not bath and just lay around bed while on my phone for a few minutes and then I’ll start running the bath and getting the bath ready.Then as the bath runs I’ll be on the toilet doing my business for a few ,inured lr even houra lol then after I’ll go back to tne kitchen to go make another drink and some snacks and bring them with me to bath. Then I’ll busy myself with the snacks while I soak into my both in the bath. 

After laying around the bath and actually bathing I’d wear another pair of pajamas and socks(if it’s cold) and then I’d brush my teeth then back to bed. I’d lie in my bed until whatever time watching YouTube videos. 

I basically stay at home wearing pajamas and for hair I don’t like to go hands on because I mean I’m staying at home right? So normally I’d just tie my hair into a ponytail and then for face I just moisturise it and make sure that it is clean.

Yup guys so that is pretty much my lazy Christmas morning routine. Do you do anything smiler? If you do then hala at me. Please do go and check out Jasmine’s post, I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing. Again merry Christmas! Play it safe. 


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