Hey guys what’s good?! Beginning of this month I told myself out with the basic  repeated eye shadow looks and in with the creative, new, look at me again looks. I went to Dischem on a search for an eye shadow palette that not only had a variety of colours but one that had if not great then good pigmentation. On my search I found the 24 MATTE PALETTE BY BEAUTY TREATS and I am quite in love.

I bought this palette for R85.00 and so far It was worth it. The palette consists of 24 matte shades that are suitable for any event. The colours in the palette range from a dark purple, lime green to a nude peach making sure that you have a colour for both the work place and for a nigh club.

A thing I don’t llike about the palette is the packaging. It is made with plastic and overall looks cheap but I mean you get what you get. The palette ha no mirror and no actual brush but those little sponge things to apply the shadow with.

The palettes pigmentation ranges from a 50 to a hundred. I feel like all the darker colours have more pigmentation than the lighter and brighter colours. I am more of a smokey eye and dark colours type of person so the pigmentation on those colours for me is great. However if you do like playing with colours and having bright eye shadow looks then you are going to have a problem unless you do keep on packing up more and more product and blending less.

When looking at the palette you will see that some of the colours have a bit of shimmer in them however it isn’t that much or noticeable when you apply it.

What I love most about the palette is the fact that the colours don’t fall off.  I hate it when your eye shadow dusts off onto your under eyes after you apply your foundation and then you just have this glitter or colour under your eyes that when you try to get rid of with your brush seems to blend in and then you just have this weird colour under your eyes, However from using this palette for the whole of this month I have noticed that the palette doesn’t fall/dust off onto your under eyes or cheeks.

The palette is long lasting and matte for sure. I have realized that I never need to touch up my eye shadow or add in any extra colours because the way I leave my house is the way I’m coming back with this palette. It doesn’t blur out or lose pigmentation as the day goes but however stay the way it was.

Overall this eye shadow palette is great for its money. It is great for people who are still starting out with makeup and want to experiment with a few colours and for people that love warm tone browns and smokey looks then I absolutely recommend this to you. I’d rate this palette a 8 out of 10 only because of the less pigmentation you have on the lighter shades. However this is a palette I would try again.









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