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Hey guys what’s good?!?! For today’s post I’ll be showing you a look I recently wore and giving you all the details about the outfit and where I got everything.

This is a denim on denim look and was pretty much inspired by casual street. I was very skeptical about wearing the skirt because it is short and living in place that is always full of different people with good and bad intentions I felt very uncomfortable that coming back I had to wear a jacket over.

Denim Jacket

This Jacket is a recent purchase. I bought it from Mr Price for R250.00 and to be real I’m in love! I’ve always wanted a good denim Jacket that fit me really well and this Jacket is doing the most so you best believe I will be on the lookout at Mr Price to get some more.


I’ve had this skirt for a long time now and if I’m not lying I got it on a sale rack for R50.00 at Mr Price. I remember not believing the price and actually being in awe because I actually couldn’t believe it! Love the skirt, besides the fact that it’s short and I always feel uncomfortable with the eyes I get when I’m wearing it.


I promise this post is not sponsored by Mr Price! This is also a recent purchase from Mr Price and I got it for R70.00. This is a nice simple, turquoise (if im not lying) bodysuit that can go with all outfits and can be used a staple.

These shinny little things are from Rage and if I’m honest I think I bought them for about R220.00 I was a little bit skeptical at first about the shiny color since I always like to keep it simple but trust me they work!They add sauce to any outfit and because of the deep bronze colour they go with all colours very well.

Bag : Legit

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