Hey guys what’s popping? Welcome right back to JourneySpeaks!! Winter is right around the corner(like literally quarter to) and so for today’s blog post I want to get you ready and rocking by showing you some staple pieces you will need to make sure you’re always stylish but still warm at the same time.

Long sleeved shirts

The first and most vital piece you’re going to need is long sleeved shirts that you can tuck in. What I love most about these sort of shirts is that they easily bring “good” shape to you and you’re still warm. They are also easy to build up an outfit with so you can never go wrong. You can pick up these type of shirts from any store (actually) and they normally go for cheap prices. If you are in South Africa then Mr Price is a good shop to go to because they’ve got them in all varieties, colours and textures.

Plain dark jeans

I don’t even think I need to explain (laughs) Almost everyone loves to be able to just quickly put on something and still look good and that’s what you’re getting with plain dark jeans. The reason I talk about plain and dark jeans is only because they are easy to make bomb ass outfits with and can easily be layered with clothing. The perfect tip about shopping for jeans is to make sure to get the perfect fit for your body so that your booty looks good!

Slim knitwear

Knitwear has always been a thing from our grannies days till now so they are a must have! What I love most about knitwear is that they add the necessary texture to any outfit and if you’d like to go vintage getting them in exoctic colours and patterns will do you well. Winter is really a great excuse for wearing knitwear but we all know theres no going wrong.

Exoctic Jackets

The reason I’m calling these “exoctic” is only because I don’t want you getting it wrong for just a normal jacket, exotic jackets take things to the next level!! These are the type of jackets that turn an all black outfit into something scrumptious. They are also the types of jackets that carry on length, texture, extreme patterns and different colours. These types are normally expensive but saving up for one or two is definitely worth it.


Okay so this is pretty much obvious and something everyone will tell you they are getting for winter but I’m going to tell you again, get yourself a pair of good quality boots that are just going to “make” your outfit. Getting neutral colours will be handy for you because then you’ll have colours that can go with pretty much anything.


Is there anyone who’s still not wearing leggings as pants? This winter get yourself some beautiful coloured leggings to match and take to the next level all your basic outfits. We normally buy plain coloured leggings(which is great by the way) but switch it up a notch by getting colours like red and green to add a bit of sauce in your life.

Yuup guys so those are the pieces I came up with, I hope that you’ve taken a few tips, that they’ve helped you in some way and that I’ll be burning from all the fire I’ll be getting from you this winter. If you do like these sort of posts please let me know and don’t forget to give it a like.


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