Hey guys what’s up welcome right back to JourneySpeaks. On the 30th of August I was invited to a night of dreams with Reach for a dream. A night filled with beautiful people with beautiful hearts and some good music.

Reach for a dream is an amazing organization that helps children with life threatening illnesses reach their dreams! They basically ask these children what their dreams are and help them reach them by giving them the means to. Reach for a dream has touched over 529 000 lives and has made over 18 220 dreams come true (tell me how this not magical at all) To get an invite from Reach for a dream was honestly one of the most inspiring things because I truly love the work they do and wish them blessing upon blessings. To still have people that give hope to children that feel their lives are over is truly inspiring.

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Reach For A Dream hosted a dinner gala and invited everyone to come celebrate with them. The gala was hosted at Emperor’s palace at the Center Court with beautiful scents and decors. This was truly a chance for everyone to get into their beautiful dresses and suits and come vibe with some good music. I honestly had a great time because not only was the food to die for (the desert) but we got to learn of the organisation itself and learn about what they stand for.

Though me and my partner were very late due to transportation issues I do know that a three course meal was served and taking from the people we were sitting with, the food was to die for. Sadley my partner and I only made it just before desert so we didn’t get the chance to have the starters and the main course.

Everyone was allowed the chance to drinking free of charge alcohol (some even took home) and the night was just beautiful with different energies and personalities mending together.

During the course of the night we had Mervyn Serebro who is the chairman of Reach For A Dream tell us more about the organisation and what their purpose and vision is. He did say that their current project is to build many dream rooms across hospitals whereby children can go and literally forget about their problems.
We also did have auctions for many different things like exotic outings all across the world aswell as a rafel to win a car.


each for a dream has instilled a lot of hope and motivation to a lot of families that felt like everything was over and has been working towards increasing the numbers yearly, I was truly inspired by the organisation and truly wish them the best and that they keep on instilling the feeling of hope In these children.

Get Involved!

reachforadream website


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