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Hey guys what’s up welcome right back to the channel, so today I’ll be doing something a little different to what I normally do. I’ve really been liking getting to know artist’s and creating relationships with new people because if you know me then you know I also do music and its always great to create new bonds with different artists. Today I’ll be introducing to you guys Theo_Thaban who’s a local upcoming artist who knows how to keep your head bobbing – If not shake a little sum sum…

I asked Theo_Thaban 9 questions so that we can all get to know him better and understand what he’s all about. He also just released a music video on YouTube for his track Streets, which you can go watch here.

1. If you can define your style in music in three words what would you say?
Soulistic, Futuristic & Uplifting

2. What makes good music?
Music that gets better with time

3. What do you think is lacking in the music industry?
In the South African industry is definitely giving back to the art. I hope I carry that Weight when it’s my time

4. Tell us about *Streets* (what inspired the song and the story behind the music video)
The heaviness that one experiences Egoli , that inspired the lyrics and the shape of the song nothing out of the ordinary.

5. How long did it take you to think of the concept for Streets?
My Producer woke up at 4am just to Sing ‘ I came out from the streets Line along with the hymns’ with few production elements & I took off when he brought it to me✈

6. Which well known artist do you look up to?
Bigbroe Zola 7 , The Late Grootman Mandoza & Some Freddy Gwala don’t ask me why 😂 ebaba ngixolele bengithi ngiyamthusa nje (ufile) *singing*

7. What do you think you lack in terms of music?
I lack the approach in terms of networking ,people say u need to beg your way in I just lay back and pray the work reveals itself, that’s my mistake. (I’m working on it thou)

8. Where can we find you and your music?
iTunes Spotify Audiomack soundcloud YouTube ,its everywhere I just want people to hear the songs thats all.

9. What is your Niche?
it would most definitely be the cool kid from a broken home and that grootman with no hope

Oright guys that’s it for today, I hope you liked this post and hopefully would like to read more. Please let me know in the comments section if you’d like to see more posts like this and if you have someone specific you’d like me to work with.

Make sure to also check out Theo_Taban’s work.

The Soulist – Dreamz & Drugz

free download link



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