Hey guys what’s popping, welcome right back to JourneySpeaks!! First things first happy holidays, I hope that this December is treating you well and that you’re kicking it off. Today I’ll be sharing with you a taste bud adventure that I went on last week with Jimmy’s that still has my mouth watering.

On the 12th I was given the opportunity by Jimmy’s Ormonde to come experience their new showcase dishes for the season at their new store! 3 words – Overwhelming, Delicious and Mouth-watering. We were all welcomed with a choice of milkshakes from their wide range of flavours to get our taste buds warmed up.

Most of the time when you think about restaurants such as Jimmy’s you think about simple, on the go food that is normally not that bad but Jimmy’s has found a way to turn rocks into diamonds. For example, instead of normal fried chips they’ve made sure to add their own special element and made Cheesy fried chips with a hint of tomato and pepper, unless you want your normal fried chips of course!

During the evening we were given different sorts of food, from chilli and buttered Prawns to Yellow rice spiced with the correct spices. The rice had well balanced spices that it didn’t over power everything else but still tasted good to a point that you can have it on its own.

I think for the whole night I was overwhelmed by how all their food has that extra special that keeps you wanting more until your stomach can no longer stretch. I’m normally not someone who eats a lot but when food is that good, you keep on going for more. Plus with all the good company that was there I think everyone just felt in place and put together – I mean what’s better than good food and good people?

The way that Jimmy’s is so good at adding that extra special to everything they do, they even their own unique flavours to their coffee. -I mean where have you ever seen that? Hazel nut, Chocolate Orange, Jinger bread flavoured coffee?? I thought that this was insane, it truly adds to that they are always trying to bring you more than just normal food.

Jimmy’s also has their own range of sauces that they use on their food and that you can purchase instore. So if by any chance you’d like to recreate some of their dishes, Jimmy’s has made it easier (even though we know no one can do that)

I really had a great time at Jimmy’s and would urge that if you are ever around Ormonde you go visit their store for an overwhelming experience for your taste buds!!


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