Hey lovies, I hope you are well! Zara has always been serving us looks and making sure we are always looking our best. With the launching of Zara Online in South Africa, I thought it would be great to scroll around their website and choose 5 must have shop items from Zara.

I am not going to sit here and say that choosing 5 items from Zara was easy because it was not. Zara has a wide range of beautiful items to choose from which can make it hard to choose 5 items. I constantly had to remind myself that I can only choose 5 items and nothing more.

Side note: as much as there is a lot of beautiful clothing and accessories that Zara offers, I do feel that some of their items were a tad bit pricey for the ordinary girl like me. There are many other items which I loved but didn’t understand the reason behind their price which is why you won’t see them here.


Flat animal print platform boots.

Black platform boots

When I came across these beautiful boots my heart literally jumped out! I am a huge lover of boots and these caught my eye straight away. These boots give me a “Dr Martin” kind of vibe, but these have a more girlish tone to them, and the detailing just makes them out of the ordinary.

What make’s me love them so much is that you can style them in many ways. Whether you want to go for a casual look or semi-formal these chunky boots have your back. Another bonus is that you will look stylish but still feel comfortable at the same time.

These only retail for R799 which I believe is a good price knowing that Zara invests in good quality and the chunky track platform sole gives you assurance that they will last long.

Black platform boots

Add these booties to your cart here

Animal Print Tote Bag.


A black tote bag is a must have for every human being on earth! Many tote bags around the market are very basic and dull but Zara takes things to a whole new level. The reason I chose this tote bag from Zara is because as much as it is a black bag, the detailing moves it away from a “regular” and “boring” tote bag. The gold on it as well as the animal print just makes it look more put together and takes away the casualness of it.

Tote bags are great for casual outings and even sleep overs sometimes, depending on the size and this one is just perfect because it also has the stylish factor. Not only will you have enough space to carry everything around, but you’ll look like the girl next door that knows what she’s doing.

Black tote bag

This bag retails for R599 which is almost on the average side for an “out of the ordinary” tote bag.

More information on this tote bag here

Mid-heel Mules With Asymmetric Straps.

I am not someone who likes too much color, but these yellow mules caught my eye! I love that the heel is not too high, and the straps just make them look sexy. I must say that I have recently been loving strappy sandals and that’s because they always look gorgeous and there’s no way you can go wrong with them. I know we are not in summer, but these are a must have for your summer dresses and outside events.

Block heels are also very comfortable so there’s no need to worry about walking for long hours and sore feet. Can we also agree that methacrylate block heels and asymmetric straps are a classy combination!

Yellow sandals

These mules retail for R399 at Zara and I wouldn’t mind investing in these.

More information regarding these sandals here

Strappy Leather Heeled Sandals.

Tan sandals

I have been on the lookout for brown or tan sandals for casual days at the park or outings that require comfort and these look like the perfect fit. My feet get very tired when I wear shoes that are too flat hence, I’d always be on the look out for something that was comfortable, not too short and stylish at the same time. Which can be a very hard task let I tell you but these from Zara look perfect for what I need. I obviously haven’t tried it on to know if it is as comfortable as it looks but these look like what I have been looking for.

The reason I have been looking for brown or tan is because I wanted to move away from the basic black which I feel can make your outfit a bit boring. These are perfect because even though they have a very simple look they also have a classy and stylish factor to them.

Brown sandals

These sell for R659 at Zara which I feel is a bit on the pricier side for a sandal but if it is as comfortable as it looks, I might change my mind.

For more information on these sandals please click here

Tote Bag with Printed Slogan.

Black tote bag

Okay so this tote bag is a bit on the chilled side of things and the reason I chose it is because you can’t be looking extra all the time. There’s a time you just want to relax and be chilled which is where this tote bag comes in handy. It is a subtle black that doesn’t call too much attention and even the slogan on it is not too extra.

Another thing I love about this bag is the size, it’s not too big and can easily be used with casual outings with friends, shopping, gym dates or even family lunches. It is a nice stylish bag that is a bit on the calmer side of things.

Black tote bag

Note that as much as it is not too big, there is enough space to put all the items you’d like which is also a bonus because who doesn’t need to put their whole house in their bag.

This tote bag retails for R599 at Zara which I think is a bit too much but doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it.

For more informtion on this tote bag please click here

Must buy items from Zara


I must say that it was fun going through the Zara Website and seeing all their lovely items. The rush was almost the same as when I do online shopping but this time with no money spent!

Thank you so much for reading and if you enjoyed reading this, please make sure to give it a like and comment below what your favorite online store is.

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