​Hey guys what is up. So today’s collaboration is with Karina whom I think might need to go to rehab because looking at her instagram I think she’s a coffee addict. Someome call AA ( actually no Coffee Annonymous) besides that she does own the blog named LoveKarinaMichelle and we decided to talk about the perfect Christmas morning. You know talk about what we see in our heads as the perfect Christmas morning and what maybe  everyone should be doing. Okay so in my head…
The perfect christmas morning for me is you waking up to the smell of hot chocolate and everyone wearing their cutest pajamas and smiles. It is waking up to everyone smiling and maybe when lucky to everyone giving out “merry Christmas’s” Like they are free. It is waking up to giggles from your little brothers and sisters because they’re happy about opening their presents. 

The perfect Christmas morning is before anything else running to the Christmas tree because you wanna see what Father Christmas left for you the night before. It is unwrapping your gifts so fast that you get some type of whiplash. It is having the best breakfast ever since January which is suprising because you didn’t think your mom could cook. It is watching a Christmas movie over breakfast just to get the Christmas spirit soaked up and waiting until it is the right time to get dressed.

It is getting messages from a bunch of people that care about wishing you a merry Christmas. You going to your grandma’s house for lunch and dinner because you know she’s the best cook in town. It’s getting away with eating 100s of different sweet things simply because it’s Christmas. The perfect christmas morning is your granny buying you the new iPhone 7 and a new car because she just feels like spoiling all her gran children.

Mostly the perfect Christmas for me is having the idea in your head that it is actually Christmas. All the expectations you have because it’s Christmas and you feel like you might just get that hover board you want really bad.wheno in fact you might just get a pair of socks.
Yup guys so that is today’s post
I really hope you enjoyed reading it  because I honestly did try contact my thinking side of the brain. Also please don’t  Forget to go and check out Karina’s blog post she is absolutely amazing and honestly you guys should make friends with her because she’s really sweet. Also please add her on instagram so  we can all witness and maybe testify against her coffee addiction. 


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