Hey guys what is up?! So there’s like 3 more nights till Christmas! I’m having mixed feelings. For today’s blog post I’ll be talking about things to do this Christmas. Maybe your family is bored or you guys just have nothing to do. Don’t worry I got you covered.


So I’m not that good at baking. I’m like a 7 out of 10 but that doesn’t stop me from using up all the flour. It shouldn’t stop you too. Gather your family round, get some ingredients and start baking. I tell you even though the goods you bake might not be that good but the conversations and that time all together with your family will be very valuable and it’s something you can always talk about. 


Okay so I’m probably obsessed with movies and I think everyone loves them. So this Christmas have an off day with your family and binge watch different types of movies. You guys can even make some popcorn,  buy some snacks and even turn your lounge into a theatre by switching off the lights and closing up the curtains. 


So I don’t know about you and your famity but mine loves eating. Okay maybe every family loves eating I don’t know. So take your family to the park and go buy hella good food shopping and just park out there. If there’s a braai stand you could even make a braai and just eat and have crazy moments with your family. 


I believe that Christmas should be and time of giving. If you have something then go out and help those who don’t. So go out to the streets or even a home and just give some people something and just make them smile. 


Are you loaded? Cause if you are then you can go out and pay for people. I’ve only seen this on TV and heard about it but why not try it out? Go to a McDonald’s drive through or any shop and pay for people. Lol just to make them smile and be happy. 

Lol okay so what do you think of my ideas?! You know what could be more awesome? Doing all five in one day. Yes give yourself some time and do all of them and trust me your day will be eventful and exciting.Anyway we are so close to Christmas and I wish you guys the best Christmas ever. 


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Hey guys what is up?! We are soo close to  Christmas! Today I am collaborating with Karthika  who owns the blog Smile Your Day Ahead. We decided to give you guys some tips and kind of like motivation. She’ll have her post up right now too about XXX


Now I agree with the above saying whole heartley because I believe in fighting and facing your difficulties no matter how hard they are. I do not understand how people could give up on something just because it’s difficult or that there’s something in the way, if you want something fight for it. Go and get it.

Everyday should be a day where you celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, all that you’ve fought and like a warrior everyday should be a day where you’re proud of all the fights you’ve fought.

Never let your problems sink you down or stop you from having a good day, month or year. Tell yourself that you will conquer all your difficulties and make it out. Let it be a goal everyday : To fight like a warrior and at that the best at that field.

Imagine if we all just gived up or cried about all our difficulties, we wouldn’t go anywhere. In fact I probably wouldn’t be blogging and the world wouldn’t go anywhere. We probably would still be in the stone age or even before that because God knows how difficult it was for people to remove themselves from those ages. My point is we wouldn’t go anywhere, we would become stagnant and no one would have any goal’s to accomplish.

So I want to take the time to be the one to tell you to fight everyday of your life like a warrior. I want you to look at everything that comes up across you like a battle and at that one that you can win. Especially since we are gonna be seeing 2017 real soon let this be your goal. To conquer everything and fight all your difficulties because tell yourself that you will make it. I don’t care how big that difficulty is, if you tell yourself you can do it then you will. Live your life like a warrior.


Somewhere in the bible it says there’s a time and place to cry and also a time and place to be happy. So celebrate all that you have accomplished. Let yourself be happy and allow yourself to celebrate the happiness you feel after fighting all those difficulties because God knows how hard it can be. But, if you were able to win even after the hardness then allow yourself to have a glass of that champagne because you’ve made it. Allow yourself to be happy and acknowledge the feeling of satisfaction when you’ve accomplished something. 

Yup guys so that is today’s collaboration. Please go and check out Karthika’s post, it is really inspiring and I think you should take a go at it because you can learn a lot from it. Also follow her blog because it’s amazing.

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Hey guys what is up?! So for today’s blog post I have decided to speak about my family. Christmas is a time for family and happiness so I decided why not speak about the people that mean a lot to me and kind of tell you about their craziness and how we operate. 

So my famioy consists of more than 9 people but whatever. I’d like to think my family is very weird. My family always feels the need to do things differently than what other people tend to do. They add more sauce to everything they do that you’d ask what the heck. 

They are the type to forget about your birthday until the day and pretend like they were pretending to have forgotten,They are also the type to laugh and tease you the whole day and then come ask you for a favour.

My family isn’t strict but they know how to hold you down and make you listen. They are the type to listen to you when in great need but also the ones to put you in the right direction.

My family has got many different types of people. We’ve got the eat a lots, fighters, crazies and stubborn people. We all could make up a whole community with all our personalities combined but what I love about all of us is that we stay together. We could fight at home but when we’re out there we do our best and standby or each other. 

Most of the family is creative which us good because that means we’ve got a clear connection and it’s not hard for each of us to understand each other. We’ve got singers, artists,  musicians and even writers. 

We also have a huge strong bond that I dont think anyone could break even though we do fight a lot. And sometimes people don’t even understand the things we do but we’re okay with it because we understand each other.

We are basically a mixture of everything mixed into one. Different but we still go together. 

Yup guys so that’s a little part of my family. What did you think? Thank you so much for reading and leave a comment in the comments section telling me one thing about your family.


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​Hey guys what is up?! So today I had to change a bit of plans and do another blog post but don’t you worry I got us covered. So for today’s blog post I decided to do a tag because I haven’t done one in ages. Today I’ll be doing the would you rather beauty tag and I think it’s gonna be real funny. I had a peep through these questions and DAMN.

​1.Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up or Nice hair and no make-up?

Lol makeup isn’t that serious for me so honestly I’d rather go out with nice hair and no makeup at all. I mean at least my face is still presentable than if I don’t do my hair at all.

2.Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?

WHAT?! What kind of a question is that even?! I think eyebrows because I can just buy an eyebrow pencil and draw them on quickly lol.

3.Would you rather be forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?

Uhm well MAC because we have a mac in SA and I don’t think we have a Sephora in SA and plus I’ve heard quite a bunch about MAC.

4.Would you rather wear lipgloss/lipliner look or 80’s perm?

Definitely lip gloss, I have a very bad experience with perms and honestly I wouldn’t wanna relive that. Basically the whole neighbourhood and school laughed at me on my way to school.

5.Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?
Please tell me who created this tag lol cause it’s really hard.

6.Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public?

Oh definitely not biker shorts, I have always said I would divorce my husband if he wore those so I’d never wear them. I’d wear MC Hammer pants and pretend it’s a new trend.

7.Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can’t be covered?

Lol weird tan lines for sure. Atleast then I can pretend to have awesome stories about them whereas tan lines then shame.

8.Would you rather have a bad haircut or bad hair color
Lol I’m not gonna even make a cool excuse. I’m just gonna choose a bad hair colour.

9.Would you rather have youtube or twitter taken away forever?

Twitter. I’m still learning all the ropes of twitter so honestly I wouldn’t care if someone took it away. YOUTUBE HOWEVER!

10. Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?

Makeup brushes, I mean how the heck am I supposed to apply mascara?

So what did you think about this tag? I think it was definitely funny. I tag everyone who reads this to do it because I think the answers could get really interesting. For more tags check out this page here

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​Hey guys what is up?! Welcome back to Collabmas day 16!!! So today I’m going to be doing the second part of my collaboration with BlueCoffeeBlog For the first part we did a denim on denim look which you can check out right here and for today we will be doing an all white look. Remember when all white used to be a thing? We bringing it back. 


Shirt : JET Stores 

Jeans : Woolworths.

Shoes : Tommy.
I also did add an alternative that could be a white on white. However I do look like a boy, actually if I did look away and held another girl’s hand you would think we were a couple. 





Yuup guys so that is my all white choice of clothing. Which between the two is your favourite? Please don’t forget to go check out BlueCoffeeBlog because she’ll have her outfit out on her blog too. Thank you for reading!


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​Hey guys what is up. So today’s collaboration is with Karina whom I think might need to go to rehab because looking at her instagram I think she’s a coffee addict. Someome call AA ( actually no Coffee Annonymous) besides that she does own the blog named LoveKarinaMichelle and we decided to talk about the perfect Christmas morning. You know talk about what we see in our heads as the perfect Christmas morning and what maybe  everyone should be doing. Okay so in my head…
The perfect christmas morning for me is you waking up to the smell of hot chocolate and everyone wearing their cutest pajamas and smiles. It is waking up to everyone smiling and maybe when lucky to everyone giving out “merry Christmas’s” Like they are free. It is waking up to giggles from your little brothers and sisters because they’re happy about opening their presents. 

The perfect Christmas morning is before anything else running to the Christmas tree because you wanna see what Father Christmas left for you the night before. It is unwrapping your gifts so fast that you get some type of whiplash. It is having the best breakfast ever since January which is suprising because you didn’t think your mom could cook. It is watching a Christmas movie over breakfast just to get the Christmas spirit soaked up and waiting until it is the right time to get dressed.

It is getting messages from a bunch of people that care about wishing you a merry Christmas. You going to your grandma’s house for lunch and dinner because you know she’s the best cook in town. It’s getting away with eating 100s of different sweet things simply because it’s Christmas. The perfect christmas morning is your granny buying you the new iPhone 7 and a new car because she just feels like spoiling all her gran children.

Mostly the perfect Christmas for me is having the idea in your head that it is actually Christmas. All the expectations you have because it’s Christmas and you feel like you might just get that hover board you want really bad.wheno in fact you might just get a pair of socks.
Yup guys so that is today’s post
I really hope you enjoyed reading it  because I honestly did try contact my thinking side of the brain. Also please don’t  Forget to go and check out Karina’s blog post she is absolutely amazing and honestly you guys should make friends with her because she’s really sweet. Also please add her on instagram so  we can all witness and maybe testify against her coffee addiction. 


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Hey guys what is up?! Today I am collaborating on a fashion post with Bluecoffeeblog. We’ve decided to both style denim on denim looks and then showcase them to you guys. So if you know me then you know that I’m all about black and everything darker so this was an actual challenge but you know, Journey is a savage so I made everything work. 
Here’s my denim look.





Here’s a snipet of Bluecoffeeblog’s outfit.

Yup guys so that is today’s post. What did you think of the outfits? Also please don’t forget to go check out Bluecoffeeblog she’s got some bomb as outfits there. Also add her instagram @Bluecoffeeblog and shoe her some love.

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Hey guys what is up? Welcome right back so today I’m doing my second collaboration with Kayla whom I totally love. For this collaboration we are doing a Christmas shopping haul. I’m very excited for this one actually because I don’t get to suck at it like my cookies did. Do go and check out our last one here. So I haven’t been shopping much actually because I’ve been working so I haven’t had much time but here’s what I bought.

So I bought this bodysuit mainly because I don’t have clothes this colour but as soon as I tried it on I fell in love with it. It’s got this curtain kind of thing in the front which I really love because you don’t see a lot of clothing with it. I did buy this on black Friday so I bought it for R83.99

Okay so I’ve been searching around for this top for long. My mom loves these tops but whenever we tried buying a top like this we just ended up putting it back, whether it was too faded, the colour wasn’t nice or it was too big. So I’ve gotten the chance to get one like this. When I saw this one I literally just grabbed it because the colour is firstly awesome and it looked good on my skin tone so yeah. I did buy this shirt for R69.99

Okay so I’ve been so obsessed with long cover ups and jackets this year so when I saw this one at Mr Price, I literally died. I was like no, let’s leave everything else, all I want is this. I also love the fact that its not a colourful shirt meaning it goes with my colour scheme and that I could actually style it in many different ways. This shirt was only R169.99.

The last casual thing that I bought was this green striped dress that had this raised collar (I forgot the name lol). I bought this at Legit for R84.01 and my mom is actually the one who said I must try it on. At first I was like mhmm no but as soon as I put it on guys I was like yow! You’re coming with me. Firstly the colour and the fact that it is a bodycon was an A+

Now I recently started working at some company, so as a teenager I didn’t have any work clothes so I ended up using all my money on that. So I’m gonna incorporate all of that into this haul because otherwise this haul would have been short.


I only bought one blouse mainly because the prices were insane so I ended up buying this checkered blue blouse that gave a lot of air and space. I really love this blouse because the material is kind of that formal classy kind and it is blue meaning I can style it in many different ways.

kxyla 002.jpg

I bought these heels for R329.99 at Edgars and at first I wasn’t sure about them because they’ve got such a small heel and I’m about that big life however when I put them I actually saw how stunning they looked, especially since I have thin feet. So I actually love them.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

So the first pair of pants that I bought were from Topshop Edgars and I bought them for R249.95 which was a complete bargain because the original price was R469 so I was very happy about that. Theses pants are in a standard navy blue colour and I like that because they are standard you can wear a different top everyday and people would still think that you’re wearing something different.

Then I also bought these standard black pants also which have the same cut as the above pants just that these ones are a black colour. I also bought them for the same reason as the above. These pants however were R399

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The last pair of pants I bought was a funky colour, just to balance out the boring days. The colour of these pants actually pulled me in because I’m currently obsessed with such colours. Theses pants however are tight as if you’re wearing leggings of some sort so that was kind of an off. But I still love them wholey. I also bought them at a bargain because the original price was R799 and I got them for R425.

Yuup guys so that is my Christmas haul. I know I don’t have candles and Christmassy stuff but I’m a savage so I’m gonna definitely call it a Christmas haul. Lol comment down below what is the not so christmassy thing you’ve bought in December. Don’t forget to go and check out KaylaHope’s blogppost and her instagram. She’s such a sweet child so go make friends with her.


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Hey guys what is up?! Welcome to collabmas day 6!! Today I am collaborating with Natasha who owns the blog ThoughtfulTash and I don’t even know what to say because there’s a lot to say. Natasha is the first person I’ve ever collaborated with on my blog and I must say from then I have been obsessed, I love her content and just the person she is. Anyway since we’re done with me fan girling me and Natasha are collaborating on our Christmas playlists. I’ve never done a Christmas playlist so this will be interesting. Don’t forget to go and check out Tash’s playlist.

1. Santa Tell Me : Ariana Grande
2. Mariah Carey : All I Want For Christmas Is You
3. Mary, Did You Know? : Pentatonix
4. African Christmas the Album
5. Michael Buble : it’s beginning to look alot like christmas 6.
7. Mariah Carey : Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
8. Little Mix : Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
9. Gene Autry Ft The Pinafores :Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
10. Kelly Clarkson – Silent Night ft. Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire
11. Boney M. : Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord

Yuup guys so that is my Christmas play list. Don’t forget to go check out Thoughtfultash’ play list and show her some love. Thank you for taking your time to read today’s post and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another collaboration! Also leave a comment telling me what your go to Christmas song is.

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Hey guys what is up?!  Who’s excited for Christmas because I am on that A grade??! Todays collaboration is with Lily who owns the blog Tea Lily and we have decided to do a Christmas wishlist. I mean what’s the best way to tell people what to get you for Christmas than a wishlist.

"Wish list 1" by journeylekhuleni on Polyvore featuring Casadei and Aquazzura


So the first thing that I thought about when I started writing this post was boots. I am such a boot girl that no other shoe stands a chance. I will not even look at it if I have boots in front of me.So there’s 3 types of boots that I have longed for for so long, Thigh high boots, See through boots( I don’t really mind the length” and really high platform boots. Thing is I actually had the platform boots but for some reason my mom thought they were very high.


"WISHLIST 4" by journeylekhuleni on Polyvore featuring LE3NO:

If you ask anyone who really knows me they will tell you I suck at jackets. I could have a whole outfit set up that looks bomb but I wouldn’t have a jacket. I don’t even know when last I bought a jacket. So getting any form of jackets would actually help me so much, from any type of sickness and being on worst dressed. I have been loving oversized denim bomber jackets and any long over sized jackets so that would really be nice to add to my closet.


Guys I die for glasses, each time I get into a shop I always have to try on their glasses because I think its an addiction. I’ve been loving over sized glasses because I generally have a small face and I just love the way they look on me. So I’d definitely love to add a few more pairs to my non existent collection.

Shirt dresses.

"WISHLIST 3" by journeylekhuleni on Polyvore featuring WithChic and T By Alexander Wang:

This is actually sad for me. I can not tell you how many times I have tried on shirt dresses and they did not suit me. I’m still looking for one that will suit me but at this point it doesn’t look like I am ever going to find one. I think it is maybe my figure but honestly I have no idea.


I’m addicted to bodysuits because I love sexy looks and how they all look with anything tight. I feel like they just give you a more stylish look and that’s normally what I look for. I have 2 body suits at the moment but I would love to have 10 so that’s why i’m putting it on my wishlist.


I’m simply adding jeans to this list only because I wear jeans a lot and I feel like having a vast range of them would actually do me well. I don’t have boyfriend jeans because of my non existent waist but I actually would love a pair. I also would love to get lots of jeans in other colours just so that I can switch things up a little.

Yuup guys so that is my Christmas wishlist (did anyone notice how this all became a fashion wishlist, I swear I didn’t even notice)and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Please go and check out Lily’s wishlist she’s got some really good things there. Also add her on Instagram, she’s got such a tumblr feed.


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