WINTER OUTFIT 2017:05:20

Hey guys what’s GOOD? Winter has finally arrived and it’s time to put away all those shorts and short skirts and bring out those big ass jackets and gloves.

Here I’m wearing a very warm outfit but also an outfit that can bring in some air so you’re covered for both weather’s. I am wearing some simple tight leggings that were actually a two pack at a cheap price and I paired it with a black long sleeved shirt just so that everything is intact and then just in case the weather changes I am wearing this lovely navy blue jacket that would shock you at how warm it is.

This easy actually a very cheap outfit and what’s nice is that it’s very warm but you can still look good. To end off my outfit I added some black boots because it is actually winter and we shouldn’t disrespect that.

Get your own.

Black shirt : Mr Price R49.99
Leggings :  2 pack for R129.99 at Legit 
Boots : Mr Price (can’t remember the price)
Jacket : R169.99 at JET Stores

Bag : Legit  for R159.99

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Hey guys what is up? Yesterday me and Kenei thought that we should actually go out and just see how the outdoors looks because we literally stay locked up in her room all day. So we got dressed and went out and just walked around the whole place with the intentions of finding a bae which we all know we failed yet again because well I don’t know bae’s just don’t like us. Anyway I’m gonna show you guys what we were both wearing since we actually took pictures.

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