Hey love, I hope you are doing just fine! I don’t know about you but my favorite all time snack has always been NikNaks. NikNaks were the ride or die snacks my mom always put in my lunchbox at school and even at this age I never forget to put them in grocery basket.
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Hey gorgeous how are you doing?! Before anything else I would love to wish you a happy new year and wish you all the best in everything you do. 2017 like any other year had its up and downs but for me 2017 had more downs than there was ups that I feel like I’m happy to be in 2018! Today I would like us to talk about new year resolutions and what we are going to achieve in the new year.

Self love 
I preach so much about self love and self appreciation but I still think it’s not enough. I need to be in a year where I can literally do anything with my body  and not be judged for it and without me thinking twice about my decision. I need to be at a point where I can love myself unconditionally and be content with the person that I am.

People are sleeping on your girl too much and it’s time we woke up! This year I would love to do more collaborations with different creative people, make new friendships as well as get more recognition from companies so that I can start pushing a word. This 2018 I would like to enter into a new chapter in terms of my influence and broaden my voice.

Experience things.
I’m mostly known for shying away from doing things because I’m always pulling out and feeling scared but this year I really wanna push my limits and try out new things. I would like to go to different places, try different types of food and make memories.

Make relationships. 
Now if you know me I hardly ever entertain any sort of relationship whatsoever ending in me being all alone and not doing anything. Which there’s nothing wrong with but for 2018 I’d really love to meet new people and create all sorts of different bonds and just be a free person. I know people like taking advantage and that I’m not going to always make the right bond but this year I’m really just going to let God protect me in all the things that I do.


I used to be a workout junkie and would never go through a week without excising more than 4 times a week but that sort of fell out last year when I was working in retail and didn’t have enough time so this year I would really love to get back into routine and start excising again.

Do significant things
Last but not least for 2018 I wanna do things that have significance. What I mean is I wanna do significant things that I can see and that make a difference in y life. I wanna start helping out my family more and just enhancing our quality of life.

Yes guys so those are my goals for 2018 and hopefully by God’s grace I am going to achieve them. I am going to be working much harder this year and focusing on the things that mean the most to me like my creative life..What are your goals for 2018? Please leave them down in the comments section below and lets start up a conversation.



Hey guys what is popping! Welcome right back to the blog!! For today’s blog post I want us to talk about the things we should leave in 2017. 2017 has been a good year and one to remember but somethings just need to stay in 2017!! Here are some of the things we need to leave in 2017.

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Hey guys what is good? Welcome right back to Journeyspeaks!! Today I am making a comparison between two different pictures taken at completely different times. The point is to just see how my photography skills have processed as time went and if I learnt some new skills with the camera or do I honestly just suck.

With time moving and technology developing so fast I feel like photography is always taking a huge turn. From using back cameras from our blackberries to now using phones with dual lens cameras and cameras that are so advanced, picture taking skills from amateurs have upgraded from a 0 to a 1000. For example the new camera technology from Light that just keeps pushing levels.

Okay so this picture was taken over 2 years ago!! Can you believe it, 2 YEARS AGO!! For this picture I had used my Samsung Galaxy tab 4 which at the time was the bomb. This was a time when we used to use picture taking apps like retrica and candy cam and as you can see I had just learnt of VSCO Cam. Okay so firstly lets talk about the pose. Why do I look like a kid who didn’t get candy on Halloween? Lol honestly, I look dead!

Secondly you can see that the quality isn’t that great. My tablet didn’t have a good camera so I don’t blame the picture but looking at it in 2017 I am like honestly?! even though it was good for that time. Again, the angle that I took the picture at is just horrifying. Instead of having the camera facing down on me the camera is facing up which is not working to my faces advantage.

The last thing I want to talk about is just the editing. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking, who inspired these filters and where I was going with this but this was just a disaster. Sad thing is that 2 years ago this picture was the bomb and actually got a decent amount of likes on Instagram.

Overall this picture was a mess. The colours are all mixed up in tones of yellow and I wish I knew a little something about whitening images and actually sharpening parts of the picture.


The second comparison is of a picture that I took just recently. Now on this picture you can see a whole lot of progress. Here we have moved away from yellow tones and unclear images instead we have a very clear image that is sharp and gives off the best detail. This picture was taken with an iPhone 5s which is a dramatic change from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. For instance, the 5s has a 8 Megapixel back camera whereas the tab had only a 1.3 megapixel front camera – DRAMATIC CHANGE.

You can see that on this picture we have more of a clear view and even though the picture was edited the colours are brighter to see and much cleaner. You can see the good work of the contrast and how sharp the picture is and even though I did desaturate the picture, it looks crisp. Overall this is a good picture. It’s not the best picture but it is something I wouldn’t mind showing someone.

Thank you for reading. This was actually so fun to look back and review both pictures. Don’t forget to like and please leave a link to one of your earliest blog posts. I want to see the change.!





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19114080_1938282206451767_3770183056283493012_n (1).jpgHey guys what is good? To all those that have been wondering how I do my makeup and what products I use to do my products I have finally uploaded a makeup tutorial! Please head over to My Youtube channel and check the video as well as some of my other videos that I have uploaded.

LA GIRL PRO CONCEALER in Espresso. – Dischem
Beauty Blender from DISCHEM.
RIMMEL 25 HOUR Skin perfecting full coverage foundation in Cappuccino – Clicks
24 MATTE PALETTE by Beautytreats -Dischem
Essence brow Pencil – Dischem
Eyeliner – town
Black Liquid Eyeliner by DESIGN -Edgars
Compact eyeshadow by DESIGN – Edgars
Red Lipstick – Town
Bronzing brick – DESIGN
ESSENCE get big lashes volume boost mascara – DISCHEM


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Hey guys what is up?! Show me something natural like an Instagram baddie with no makeup!! Over the past year or so I’ve had many people asking me questions on how I edit my Instagram pictures, what editing apps I used or even what camera I used to take my pictures and so I thought you know, instead of trying to explain my techniques and ways to each person who asked me. Why not make a blog post about it?

When I started my Instagram feed I wanted something very simple and that wouldn’t give me a headache each time I posted a picture. I thought a minimalist feed would be something better for me because I always take pictures on white walls and I basically never wear any colours. I feel like a clean white feed is always easier to maintain because it’s better to keep a colour scheme then.

To take my pictures I used to use my my phone which isn’t much. I had the iPhone 4s which has a 0.3 megapixel front camera and a 8 megapixel rear camera and looking at other people’s  phones and cameras you’ll see that their camera’s are better quality than mine but like I always told people it’s not about the camera because if I know how to work my camera better than you with the better quality camera then my pictures will look more appealing.

The Apps I use. 

When I got into the editing game. I never wanted to spend money, I always felt like for each app that people bought there was another app for free that did the exact same thing if not more.

editing apps i use.png

  • Airbrush
  • Snapseed.
  • VSCO Cam


Before even adding a filter on my picture I go and adjust the colours on the picture to make sure I don’t try over edit a picture just so that I can try make it work and for that I use Snapseed. Snapseed has got to be my favorite app from the three apps  because of the selective tool which basically allows you to select anything on your picture and change its attributes (saturation, contrast, brightness and structure) to suit your feed. What I love about this tool is that even if a picture is bright and colourful you can make it work to suit your feed by decreasing the saturation and making the colours less brighter.



Then if the picture seems a bit more yellowy or the background isn’t crisp enough I’d go to Airbrush. The tools I use most  on Airbrush are Whiten and Brighten. I use the whitening to make all the whites in a picture more crisp and cleaner and then I use the brighten tool to add details to parts like my eyelashes and inner corners. I know you gonna ask but the theme isn’t white but It is much better to start on a clean canvas because then you can edit the picture much easily.


The last and most important step to my editing process would have to be using VSCO CAM. This is like the natural app to adding filters to your pictures. The filter that i use for all my pictures is  is HB1 which is more of a bluish filter and I adjust that to about a 10 depending on the picture. Then I will go to the exposure and take that to a -2 and contrast the picture to a +2. Then what i will do is adjust the sharpness to a +3 and then go adjust the saturation to a -3.  These things do sometimes change depending on how the picture came out and lighting. Then what I do is go to and back from the three apps to change somethings.

And that is basically how I edit  my Instagram pictures to get this blue minimalist feed. You will notice that my feed did change to a more clearer feed and more white than blue feed but it’s basically still the same feed with just more whiter things. If you want a how i edit my Instagram pictures for that feed then you can tell me and I will make another post on that.

Thank you so much for reading and if this post was helpful then please give it a like and then leave your Instagram handle as a comment. Don’t forget to add my handle @theeoriginaljay




A few days ago I was introduced to an online matress company, Leesa and they had asked me to give you tips and tricks to getting a good night’s rest. For a very long time I had problems going to sleep that it went to even insomnia and whenever I did get a wink of sleep I never felt fully rested so I thought that this would be such a great topic to talk about.

Here are my tips to getting a good night’s rest.

1. Create an environment that is quiet and most comfortable to you.

I believe being comfortable is the easiest way to make sure you get a good night rest. So position your pillows to your own liking and spread your legs over the whole bed as along as your comfortable.When you are comfortable then you bed will be like laying on a cloud.

2. Go to bed early. 

How are you supposed to feel rested and awake if you go to bed late? Take two hours off of your TV or cellphone  time and put that into sleeping. Give yourself more than eight hours of sleep and you’ll definitely feel more rested.

3. Go with your routine. 

If you’re used to sleeping at 9:00 pm then sleep at 9:00 pm. Don’t procrastinate and do unnecessary things instead of sleeping. Doing this will put you off of your routine and make your body feel tired and that is why we always complain when we wake up, saying we are tired.

4. Have a snack. 

If you know you are about to sleep grab those nuts or crackers and take them to bed. I’m not saying have a whole meal but have a little snack to keep you going before your sleep. The best thing to do is to make it healthy. For example drinking warm milk or snacking on veggies.

5. Read a book. 

Before going to sleep have that one book that you read. I start feeling sleepy when reading books while I’m in bed so that’s a great way to get my mind to start preparing to sleep and to kick start my sleepiness.

Leesa has also given me a graphic to share with you guys on becoming a morning person. Feel free to download it and use it.


Thank you guys for reading! Hopefully you will get a good night’s rest with the tips I have given. Thank you to Leesa for giving me this post idea because honestly I think a lot of us suffer from a lot of rest problems and hopefully from this we can all sleep better.


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A couple of days ago I met a lady named Patricia. Patricia is a beautician by profession and has decided to start her own beauty company named AromaSoapz. She makes products such as glycerin soaps, body scrubs, perfumes, massage oils  and etc.

All her products are organic meaning that they are natural and are very beneficial for all types of skin. She makes them from natural oils, herbs and smells and makes sure that all her products have different purposes that they work towards. What I love about what she is doing is the fact that she makes all these products from the beginning, from scratch and works them up to what we buy. Patricia gave me two of her products to try , a rosemary glycerine soap and a body scrub which I will review today.

Firstly let’s just say her products smell heavenly!! Especially her soaps. They’ve got distinctive smells that just keep you wanting more. They make sure that you always smell fresh!!

When Patricia said that I didn’t even need a week to try her products because they work from the word go, I thought she was just trying to sell a product but I kid you not from the first day that I tried her body scrub and glycerin soap  I could already see a difference. From using her bodyscrub my skin has been feeling very soft and moisturized and secondly i could feel the cleanliness and how exfoliated my skin was. My skin does also look much healthier!!

Bodyscrubs are meant to remove dead skin cells, open up sweat pores, help remove cellulite and improves circulation because of the granules the bodyscrubs contain.

I normally have weird reactions when using different soaps on my face but when I used her Aroma glycerin soap I noticed that my skin felt fresh and like a baby’s bum. My skin didn’t feel dry at all and I found that after using the body scrub my skin moisturized much better- Instead of bouncing off my skin it stayed on for the full day making sure my skin stayed smooth and moisturized.

If i could rate AromaSoapz I would rate them a 10/10 simply because the products

  • Are organic
  • Smell great!
  • Are beneficial for almost all types of skin
  • Sell at reasonable prices

Patricia told me that her organic products could also heal acne and aczema and many other skin problems and I thought that was so beneficial because so many of us go through problematic skin throughout our lives and the fact that her products that are actually cheap(start from R40) could heal those things is amazing. And not only do they heal you physically but psychologically too! Just like how we know different herbs heal different things they do that psychologically too.

She also has a huge range of products. Literally she can make anything there is with some herbs and oils.


If you would like to try AromaSoapz please do contact Patricia and place an order! If this post is what is making you want to buy her products then let her know that I sent you!! It would truly mean a lot if you guys showed her support on her new business.

You can add Patricia on Facebook at : Liengoane Patricia Mahao

Or WhatApp Patricia : +26658991170





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Hey guys what is up?!  Who’s excited for Christmas because I am on that A grade??! Todays collaboration is with Lily who owns the blog Tea Lily and we have decided to do a Christmas wishlist. I mean what’s the best way to tell people what to get you for Christmas than a wishlist.

"Wish list 1" by journeylekhuleni on Polyvore featuring Casadei and Aquazzura


So the first thing that I thought about when I started writing this post was boots. I am such a boot girl that no other shoe stands a chance. I will not even look at it if I have boots in front of me.So there’s 3 types of boots that I have longed for for so long, Thigh high boots, See through boots( I don’t really mind the length” and really high platform boots. Thing is I actually had the platform boots but for some reason my mom thought they were very high.


"WISHLIST 4" by journeylekhuleni on Polyvore featuring LE3NO:

If you ask anyone who really knows me they will tell you I suck at jackets. I could have a whole outfit set up that looks bomb but I wouldn’t have a jacket. I don’t even know when last I bought a jacket. So getting any form of jackets would actually help me so much, from any type of sickness and being on worst dressed. I have been loving oversized denim bomber jackets and any long over sized jackets so that would really be nice to add to my closet.


Guys I die for glasses, each time I get into a shop I always have to try on their glasses because I think its an addiction. I’ve been loving over sized glasses because I generally have a small face and I just love the way they look on me. So I’d definitely love to add a few more pairs to my non existent collection.

Shirt dresses.

"WISHLIST 3" by journeylekhuleni on Polyvore featuring WithChic and T By Alexander Wang:

This is actually sad for me. I can not tell you how many times I have tried on shirt dresses and they did not suit me. I’m still looking for one that will suit me but at this point it doesn’t look like I am ever going to find one. I think it is maybe my figure but honestly I have no idea.


I’m addicted to bodysuits because I love sexy looks and how they all look with anything tight. I feel like they just give you a more stylish look and that’s normally what I look for. I have 2 body suits at the moment but I would love to have 10 so that’s why i’m putting it on my wishlist.


I’m simply adding jeans to this list only because I wear jeans a lot and I feel like having a vast range of them would actually do me well. I don’t have boyfriend jeans because of my non existent waist but I actually would love a pair. I also would love to get lots of jeans in other colours just so that I can switch things up a little.

Yuup guys so that is my Christmas wishlist (did anyone notice how this all became a fashion wishlist, I swear I didn’t even notice)and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Please go and check out Lily’s wishlist she’s got some really good things there. Also add her on Instagram, she’s got such a tumblr feed.


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Hey guys what is up? So today i’m collaborating with Adropofserendipity and we are doing something I’ve never actually done on my blog – Hairstyles! We’ve decided too both do different types of hairstyles for our kind of hair. We both do have different types of hairs so this will be really fun and interesting. We both have the same posts so do go check her out after reading this!

So for the first hairstyle I wanted to do something easy and that anyone can do. Instead of only just doing a  bun I wanted to add a little more funk to it so I did tease my hair at the ends and trust me the hairstyle went from a 0 to a 100.

The second hairstyle is something that is very easy to do that still looks stylish. So this is for when you don’t wanna be all too extra but  you still want to look like you’ve tried. All I did for this hairstyle is sweep all my hair to one side and then braid it down so that your hair is secure and then for more juice I did leave out some of my hair on one side.

The third hairstyle is actually something that I came up with as of right now. My initial take was to have a leave out on the side that was singly braided but as I was doing it, I saw more potential into the hairstyle. So what I did was part a square in the middle of my head then with the hair in the square I twist braided it all singly. Then to get the shape I twisted all the  twist braids into one braid until it was one huge braid then I just stuck it to back of my head with a clip, making sure to keep it in a circular kind of shape.

whats nice about this hairstyle is that you can have your hair both down or in a bun and it would still look good.



The next hairstyle I did was this princessy kind of hairstyle. I actually tried this hairstyle out yesterday first and I actually liked how it looked/

The next hairstyle I have is of a bun. This is an easy low bun hairstyle with some juice. All I did was part some hair out on the side and then tie everything up so that it looked like a normal side out bun but then instead of just leaving the hair out I braided it all and then clipped it at the back of my head.

The last hairstyle I did was very easy. In fact I normally do this hairstyle when I’m just chilling at home or even when going out. So for this hairstyle all you have to do is part out a square in the middle of your head to the size of your liking  and then just tie that up into a bun then you can either leave your hair down with it or tied up depending on what you prefer.

TIP : To make these hairstyles a little more saucy you can actually add some gel to your edges so that everything looks put together.

Yuup guys so those are the Hairstyles I managed to come up with. Tell me what your favorite hairstyle is and what is your go to hairstyle. Anyway thank you guys for reading and do please go and check out Adropofserendipity on her blog and her Instagram, honestly I love reading her captions and she’s such a sweet girl. Also wanna say thank you to her for agreeing to this collab!


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