Hey guys what is up?! So today I’ve got no collaboration with anyone so I’m going solo. That was not going to stop me from posting though so I decided that I would talk to you guys about the perfect red lipstick for Christmas.

The perfect red lipstick for Christmas for me has got to be a classic red. No, not an orange glossy one but a matte bold red. it’s got to be that kind of red that makes people turn their heads and the one that keeps everyone looking at your lips. Most people don’t like red lipsticks because they feel like it brings them more attention or that it’s too out there but I feel like it’s the perfect way to make a statement and always be remembered. And I mean Christmas is the perfect excuse to wear red.

In my opinion Christmas is not complete without the colour red. I mean red is the  first colour you think of when someone says “Give me an example of a Christmas colour.” so why not wear it? Anyway since I’m  done for this post my chosen red lipstick is the Stay fast Liquid Matte Vinyl in the colour engine red? 

If you read my Beauty Haul post featuring Isabellablogss  then you know I’ve been loving the Stayfast Liquid Matte Vinyl in Engine Red. This colour is absolutely amazing and I like the classy look that you get from it. Also this lipstick is semi matte and I love that because it looks all put together as if it won’t move. Also everyone wants to look as classy as possible on Christmas and that’s nothing that this lipstick can’t give to you. The colour will go absolutely amazing with any skin tone and can A grade any outfit. 

Ps this lipstick is more vibrant than this. The edits are just taking that away.

Yuup guys so that is the lipstick I feel would be the perfect red for Christmas. I honestly feel like you can’t do any wrong with  this one and that it would definitely up your Christmas spirit.

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