Hey guys what’s popping? Welcome right back to JourneySpeaks!! Winter is right around the corner(like literally quarter to) and so for today’s blog post I want to get you ready and rocking by showing you some staple pieces you will need to make sure you’re always stylish but still warm at the same time.

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Hey guys what’s good?!?! For today’s post I’ll be showing you a look I recently wore and giving you all the details about the outfit and where I got everything.

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Hey guys what is popping? Today I’m coming at you with another Fashion blogpost featuring these bomb ass pants that have for some reason being trending. I’ve had these pants for the longest time and only today I decided to take them out and do a little something with them.

I actually didn’t even think these pants would fit me when I took them out because of how long ive had them but God was like daughter, you don’t need to spend that R300, I got you.  I don’t know where I bought them but you can get something like this at Sportscene or Adidas.

The shirt I got from Legit last year on black Friday and I’ve been loving it forever since. It’s actually a body suit and I like how sexy it can make an outfit. 

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Hey guys what is up? Today I actually have a collab for you. Today i’m collabing with the beautiful Thetaslifestylefor a mini look book for you. Tas contacted me last week and we decided to do look books on the seasons we are facing. Of course because I am in South Africa I’ll be doing a winter lookbook while she’ll be doing a summer look book.

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Hey guys what is up? Today I’ve got you another styling post. I’m gonna give you guys 10 ways to style your thigh high boots. Because if you didn’t know I’m actually very obsessed with thigh high boots even though I don’t own any. So I came up with 10 ways I would style them if I ever did own a pair (hopefully soon).

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Hey guys what is up? Happy Friday!(even though it’s about to end in an hour). So last week Friday I did a Rant blog post pretty much at the same time so I thought why not carry on with it. I mean it’d be cool to have a RantFriday each week at midnight, I’m still deciding though if I can handle it, with studying too but I’ll let you guys know. Anyway today I was thinking of how mad and irritated I get when I find the sexiest top ever but there none In my size. This is a rant.

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Hey guys what is up? Last week on the 12th of Feb we had a valentines bash or party kind of thing at school. I’m at a school where we wear uniform, so for us these kind of days are fun because we get to wear our home clothes and just dance, not forgetting that we only have these kind of days on February(Valentines) and September( Spring). So I wanted to show you guys what I wore on that day.

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Monki turtle neck top
590 ZAR –

Black flared skirt
490 ZAR –

Stretchy boots
260 ZAR –

COSTUME NATIONAL leather daypack
10 320 ZAR –

Converse black eye glasses
2 105 ZAR –

Acrylic hat
210 ZAR –

Hair styling tool

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Jay Godfrey fitted dress
1 225 ZAR –

Peep-toe pumps
810 ZAR –

Vera Bradley white handbag
2 260 ZAR –

Chico s necklace
1 055 ZAR –

Chanel mascara
545 ZAR –

Witchery shimmer eyeshadow
220 ZAR –

Lips makeup
130 ZAR –



Here to talk about who wears it better?Suits or would you like to say Tuxes?I’ve noticed that Taylor and Rihanna have worn a few suits so o was like why not see who wears it better. With Rihanna looking so bad ass and Taylor looking so girly really I don’t know but here are the outfits.

Here we’ve got Taylor Swift looking so “you’re mine” yet so sexy I mean can we talk about them legs!!!I mean she’s got her leg game going on. very well.

taylor-swift-brit-awards-2015-performance-1-1424895909-view-3 Taylor wore this at the 2015 Brits awards and I think that this outfit killed it, I love the way that it’s shorts instead of like long pants especially because she’s got pretty, sexy legs so I feel like she should flaunt them and show em to us! And for someone like Taylor with the type of songs she sings I think this is a perfect look it makes her look really strong yet feminine, it’s like a tease like “you don’t know what you missing out on”

To match Taylor we have Rihanna who was rocking this little number right here..

0cf25ed55373b64dcdc0e01412a57286It looks like Rihanna tried to make this look, look really street style and not so I just got ready for some event. Rihanna is also showing her sexy legs but on the other hand she’s sporting some sneakers right there to give it that street look. I love this outfit but something is not adding up here, I’m not sure maybe it’s just me but I’m not sure about it. Yes Rihanna pulls it off but I do not like the shorts really they just look like “I just grabbed a pair of shorts in my closet cause I was running out of time.” Really I’m not sure about the shorts maybe they need some readjusting and then maybe I would like them, at the moment i do not think that the shorts go well with the blazer for me. I love how the outfit was put together, my only problem is the shorts.

taylor_swift_2012_mtv_video_music_awards.Taylor here was sporting a suit at some music awards and let’s just say I had a problem with the whole thing I don’t know the whole thing for me just looks misplaced really. Taylor looks pretty, her shoes are perfect but the outfit just had to be wrong. I do not like the pleats on the pants they do not look right with the blazer, maybe if the blazer looked more like it was made for her the pants wouldn’t be the problem. I don’t know what Taylor thought when she wore it really maybe she liked it and in a sense maybe everyone else likes it but I just don’t like this particular look. I love you Taylor but girl this look is not for me. ☺ 035d977802e03655019bac49ee1499cbLet’s first talk about the fact that Rihanna’s face looks full on model ready like yep bring the camera in I’m ready. Here Rihanna is wearing a blazer,skirt, dress jacket piece thingy and let’s say I love the way that this piece shows her breasts like her boobs just look so good in this garment. I’m not really sure about this look though, I love it but then I hate it like I don’t know this look says to me “If you’re not Rihanna you cant pull me off” Really I do not see me, Beyoncé, Nicki minaj or anybody pulling this off. Rihanna turned this jacket thingy into a real sexy outfit.

rihanna-conservative-pink-suit-fashion-gty-leadThis outfit, my my my I mean look at it fir 3 seconds (1 2 3). I am in love I tell you this for me is like let’s get to work with the sexy boss. Not sure about the length of the skirt but I still love it and would totally wear it.

I dont know what Riri thought when she wore this but she was probably like let’s get to work!

love this and the shoes are a bonus.

For me she doesn’t look like she’s going to an event it looks like she’s going for a work meeting so I love the outfit but I don’t think it is something that you can wear at a posh event but overall I love the outfit.

49th Annual Academy Of Country Music AwardsThis is not suit or anything but because I had one with Rihanna wearing a skirt I thought I should just add in this outfit wich by the way I think is gorgeous. Again Taylor graces us by having her legs out for view by the slit she has on her left.I love this outfit really it’s a 10 for me cause firstly it’s black and white and I have an obsession with those two colours and secondly it looks made for Taylor I mean she looks super pretty and hot here and the shoes just added in an extra point.

Way to go Taylor love this look☺😜😍

So who wears it better? Taylor or Rihanna?

I think they both do because they wear their suits in different ways according to their personalities and it still stands out, so for me big ups to the girls and they should carry on wearing suits because seriously j think women suits were just created for the two seeing as how they can pull it off.

These two are not the only two who have worn suits on the carpets or events as we have people like Jessie J and nicki minaj too so maybe I’ll review them next .