Ponds has recently come out with three face masks that can change your skin care routine. As a person who’s continously looking for face products that can help better my skin, I decided to put the Ponds Serum Masks to the test.

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Hey guys what is good? Welcome right back to Journeyspeaks!! Today I am making a comparison between two different pictures taken at completely different times. The point is to just see how my photography skills have processed as time went and if I learnt some new skills with the camera or do I honestly just suck.

With time moving and technology developing so fast I feel like photography is always taking a huge turn. From using back cameras from our blackberries to now using phones with dual lens cameras and cameras that are so advanced, picture taking skills from amateurs have upgraded from a 0 to a 1000. For example the new camera technology from Light that just keeps pushing levels.

Okay so this picture was taken over 2 years ago!! Can you believe it, 2 YEARS AGO!! For this picture I had used my Samsung Galaxy tab 4 which at the time was the bomb. This was a time when we used to use picture taking apps like retrica and candy cam and as you can see I had just learnt of VSCO Cam. Okay so firstly lets talk about the pose. Why do I look like a kid who didn’t get candy on Halloween? Lol honestly, I look dead!

Secondly you can see that the quality isn’t that great. My tablet didn’t have a good camera so I don’t blame the picture but looking at it in 2017 I am like honestly?! even though it was good for that time. Again, the angle that I took the picture at is just horrifying. Instead of having the camera facing down on me the camera is facing up which is not working to my faces advantage.

The last thing I want to talk about is just the editing. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking, who inspired these filters and where I was going with this but this was just a disaster. Sad thing is that 2 years ago this picture was the bomb and actually got a decent amount of likes on Instagram.

Overall this picture was a mess. The colours are all mixed up in tones of yellow and I wish I knew a little something about whitening images and actually sharpening parts of the picture.


The second comparison is of a picture that I took just recently. Now on this picture you can see a whole lot of progress. Here we have moved away from yellow tones and unclear images instead we have a very clear image that is sharp and gives off the best detail. This picture was taken with an iPhone 5s which is a dramatic change from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. For instance, the 5s has a 8 Megapixel back camera whereas the tab had only a 1.3 megapixel front camera – DRAMATIC CHANGE.

You can see that on this picture we have more of a clear view and even though the picture was edited the colours are brighter to see and much cleaner. You can see the good work of the contrast and how sharp the picture is and even though I did desaturate the picture, it looks crisp. Overall this is a good picture. It’s not the best picture but it is something I wouldn’t mind showing someone.

Thank you for reading. This was actually so fun to look back and review both pictures. Don’t forget to like and please leave a link to one of your earliest blog posts. I want to see the change.!





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Hey guys what is good?! Welcome back to JourneySpeaks. Today I am coming at you with another blog post! But what’s different about today’s blog post is that not only is it something I’ve never done before but it’s something happening locally(in South Africa). So to all my local readers we can start dancing.
I’ve recently been introduced to a company called Travelstart which is a Cape Town based one-stop online travel shop and can I first just say MAGIC. Basically what Travelstart does is offer low airfares on international and domestic flights from different airlines, vehicle hire options from top car rental companies and hotel reservations bookable for properties on every continent Meaning they offer something for every traveler’s budget.

Now the best part about Travelstart is that Travelstart has a student flight page dedicated to all students (me and you) where they offer not only discounted flight specials but useful student tips on how to go about seeing the world as a student. Today I will be doing a review on their students flight page.

When I was first introduced to TravelStart I thought it was just another company trying to make money but to my amazement they were doing the opposite, trying to make us money! 

What I love most about the student flights page is that it’s so easy to navigate and work around with, for a person who’s always using her phone for everything I love that I don’t get any complications when using the page and I don’t have to switch to  a computer to be able to work with it. They’ve made it so easy to understand that you automatically know what you are doing even though you’re clueless.

What’s also nice is that on the page they let you compare flights and let you see what works well for you and what you can do to save money. The little app that they have on the page is also extremely useful especially for people who like to plan ahead and start saving before time because the little tool allows you to plan your flight, check what you need to save for the flight, what company you can go with and it breaks down the flight details for you so that you are aware of the time it would take you to get to your venue and how many kilograms of luggage you can carry.

I also love the fact that they understand that you are a student and that you are still learning about life so they’ve got all travelling tips and advice for you to make sure you make the right move. –Now who doesn’t need this? It’s like having your own travel assistant who’s got your back and makes sure that you get everything for the right price.

Travelstart’s student flight page is so informative that you can do your research right there. You always have a helping hand I believe you can always learn something and a BONUS is that they have a number that you can call when you need help with your booking(talk about kickass wherever you go service!). Please go read up on their page to learn a bit more about travelling and saving money . They’ve got so many tips such as How to book cheap student flights, Money saving tips while travelling and Top Tips For Moving Into Residence That Every Student Should Know! 

ts_logo_genericIf you are a student I’d like for you guys to check out Travelstart’s Student Flights page and make use of it because there is no way that you are loosing, it’s that type of a deal where you’re always on the winning end and please do share the page with your student friends so we can all WIN!

Thank you so much for reading, please give this post a like and leave a comment saying where you’d like to go to one day.




Hey guys what’s good?! Beginning of this month I told myself out with the basic  repeated eye shadow looks and in with the creative, new, look at me again looks. I went to Dischem on a search for an eye shadow palette that not only had a variety of colours but one that had if not great then good pigmentation. On my search I found the 24 MATTE PALETTE BY BEAUTY TREATS and I am quite in love.

I bought this palette for R85.00 and so far It was worth it. The palette consists of 24 matte shades that are suitable for any event. The colours in the palette range from a dark purple, lime green to a nude peach making sure that you have a colour for both the work place and for a nigh club.

A thing I don’t llike about the palette is the packaging. It is made with plastic and overall looks cheap but I mean you get what you get. The palette ha no mirror and no actual brush but those little sponge things to apply the shadow with.

The palettes pigmentation ranges from a 50 to a hundred. I feel like all the darker colours have more pigmentation than the lighter and brighter colours. I am more of a smokey eye and dark colours type of person so the pigmentation on those colours for me is great. However if you do like playing with colours and having bright eye shadow looks then you are going to have a problem unless you do keep on packing up more and more product and blending less.

When looking at the palette you will see that some of the colours have a bit of shimmer in them however it isn’t that much or noticeable when you apply it.

What I love most about the palette is the fact that the colours don’t fall off.  I hate it when your eye shadow dusts off onto your under eyes after you apply your foundation and then you just have this glitter or colour under your eyes that when you try to get rid of with your brush seems to blend in and then you just have this weird colour under your eyes, However from using this palette for the whole of this month I have noticed that the palette doesn’t fall/dust off onto your under eyes or cheeks.

The palette is long lasting and matte for sure. I have realized that I never need to touch up my eye shadow or add in any extra colours because the way I leave my house is the way I’m coming back with this palette. It doesn’t blur out or lose pigmentation as the day goes but however stay the way it was.

Overall this eye shadow palette is great for its money. It is great for people who are still starting out with makeup and want to experiment with a few colours and for people that love warm tone browns and smokey looks then I absolutely recommend this to you. I’d rate this palette a 8 out of 10 only because of the less pigmentation you have on the lighter shades. However this is a palette I would try again.








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A couple of days ago I met a lady named Patricia. Patricia is a beautician by profession and has decided to start her own beauty company named AromaSoapz. She makes products such as glycerin soaps, body scrubs, perfumes, massage oils  and etc.

All her products are organic meaning that they are natural and are very beneficial for all types of skin. She makes them from natural oils, herbs and smells and makes sure that all her products have different purposes that they work towards. What I love about what she is doing is the fact that she makes all these products from the beginning, from scratch and works them up to what we buy. Patricia gave me two of her products to try , a rosemary glycerine soap and a body scrub which I will review today.

Firstly let’s just say her products smell heavenly!! Especially her soaps. They’ve got distinctive smells that just keep you wanting more. They make sure that you always smell fresh!!

When Patricia said that I didn’t even need a week to try her products because they work from the word go, I thought she was just trying to sell a product but I kid you not from the first day that I tried her body scrub and glycerin soap  I could already see a difference. From using her bodyscrub my skin has been feeling very soft and moisturized and secondly i could feel the cleanliness and how exfoliated my skin was. My skin does also look much healthier!!

Bodyscrubs are meant to remove dead skin cells, open up sweat pores, help remove cellulite and improves circulation because of the granules the bodyscrubs contain.

I normally have weird reactions when using different soaps on my face but when I used her Aroma glycerin soap I noticed that my skin felt fresh and like a baby’s bum. My skin didn’t feel dry at all and I found that after using the body scrub my skin moisturized much better- Instead of bouncing off my skin it stayed on for the full day making sure my skin stayed smooth and moisturized.

If i could rate AromaSoapz I would rate them a 10/10 simply because the products

  • Are organic
  • Smell great!
  • Are beneficial for almost all types of skin
  • Sell at reasonable prices

Patricia told me that her organic products could also heal acne and aczema and many other skin problems and I thought that was so beneficial because so many of us go through problematic skin throughout our lives and the fact that her products that are actually cheap(start from R40) could heal those things is amazing. And not only do they heal you physically but psychologically too! Just like how we know different herbs heal different things they do that psychologically too.

She also has a huge range of products. Literally she can make anything there is with some herbs and oils.


If you would like to try AromaSoapz please do contact Patricia and place an order! If this post is what is making you want to buy her products then let her know that I sent you!! It would truly mean a lot if you guys showed her support on her new business.

You can add Patricia on Facebook at : Liengoane Patricia Mahao

Or WhatApp Patricia : +26658991170








Hey guys what is up? Today I’m doing a review! Yup you can welcome it back with a slow clap..The only time that I’ve actually done a review was last year when I started blogging and ever since I just stopped. I had products that I could review but have just been putting the idea off but today I’ve decided to bring it back and I really hope to actually do more of these. So fingers crossed. Today I’ll be reviewing the Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer.

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