Hey guys what’s good, welcome right back to JourneySpeaks! With summer being right around the corner, I’ve been looking for work wear that can accommodate the heat. About a week ago while searching through Mr Price I came across a beautiful striped dress that can be easily dressed up. Today I’d like to show you the dress and how I styled it for work.

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Hey guys what’s popping, welcome right back to the blog! Who said you can’t put sweats to the next level? Many times we associate sweat pants and shirts with lazing around and just relaxing at home so I wanted to show you how to turn it into an outfit you can wear around to more put together outings aswell as how to laze it around on outings with friend’s.

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Hey guys what’s popping? Welcome right back to JourneySpeaks!! Winter is right around the corner(like literally quarter to) and so for today’s blog post I want to get you ready and rocking by showing you some staple pieces you will need to make sure you’re always stylish but still warm at the same time.

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Hey guys what is good?! Welcome right back to the blog. So today I’ve got an exciting guest/friend who’s gonna be answering some popping ass questions that we’ve all been wanting to hear about. Luke India Ramos is a fashion and beauty enthusiast that I feel is so underrated because if you see all the work he does and the amount of slayage, I swear people are sleeping on him!!! Anyway today, Luke will be answering 5 questions that will hopefully keep us going for the summer.


1. Describe your summer go to outfit

My go to summer outfit would be culottes and a shirt. Off the shoulder and bell sleeve shirts are “haute” at the moment, so that’s what I will be pairing with my culottes and either sneakers or slides this summer. To top it off, a pair of sunglasses will complete the slay.

12 (1)

2. Do you always go with the same style or do you get bored easily and move to the next.

I do. All the time. While still maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, I am constantly changing up my style.



3. What inspires what you wear.

My outfits are mostly inspired by street style, by what is trending in fashion at the time and by what some of my favourite fashion role models are wearing.

4. Do you think your fashion sense will dramatically change within the next year?

No, I don’t think so. I know so! My style is forever changing and this year I underwent an extreme style change when I shaved all my hair and dyed it pink. I don’t know how dramatically my style will change though but I can certainly tell you that it will.

5. What’s your best tip to always slaying?

I don’t necessarily have tips but I can give you advice. Everyone has their own style, so if you own what you wear and wear it confidently, you are bound to slay. Be sure make sure you have a good face beat too – LOL.

Yuup guys so that is it from Luke India Ramos. Hoepfully you guys will get to see more of him on my blog and hopefully we can get a round 2 of the questions. If you did like this post please give it a like and don’t forget to give him some love by check out Luke on his blog aswell as all his other socials.

Facebook, instagram, twitter and Pinterest – @lukeindiaramos
Website :

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Hey guys what is up?! Today I will be showing you how to live the baddie life to the fullest by introducing you to Funny she jill(FSJ)  which is a shoe brand that deals with vintage shoes. Yes, they have all those vintage shoes that you see on magazines and that you see models wearing.

FSJ vintage Shoes literally allows you to be whoever you want to be or see yourself  as-and I think that’s what attracted me more to  FSJ  mostly. They literally have all sorts of styles you wouldn’t think anyone has and what I love is that everything is there for you to know. They’ll give you all product details so that you’re not confused but you know exactly what you are getting -which is great for people that live far. With FSJ vintage shoes you can literally go back 15 years back with their vintage styles but still look good. Fsj Shoes literally puts vintage and stylish in one sentence.

Launched in 1998, FSJ provides a complete assortment of FSJ merchandise to clients in the United States and internationally. FSJ insists on the quality and upholds the excellent high standard of crafts.

Can we also talk about how cheap their shoes are?! Most of the time vintage shoes (especially) are very expensive and hard to find but here you have a huge range of all types, all colours and all shapes of vintage shoes for almost half the price of what you would normally get them for i am still shocked!!! Its like heaven on a site.

What is great is that FSJ shoes also has dupes of other shoes that you would see other people or celebrities wearing but with their own fell and touch also making sure that the price is attractive. I have not tried their shoes out yet to talk about delivery, timing and quality but let me just say I see stars every time I check out their site and what they have _ its heaven!!

To add sauce to their vintage shoes, FSJ shoes has such a variety of colours to play around with that you are always sorted. They also focus on different targets and not just one and you see this by the amount of different styles there is. They have from stilettos, wedges, block heels to straight up sandals and as they say “FSJ, spares no effort to make every product special and impeccable.”

So guys while I go do my shopping for some bougee shoes and get my baddie life together please do the same because I’d hate for you to feel left out. Vintage is the new ish right now so go get yourself some classic vintage shoes from FSJ





Hey guys what is good?! How is winter treating some of you guys? When winter started rolling in here in South Africa I had easily decided to go shopping for some new jackets. I actually found three new ones to add to the collection but today I want to speak about the army green bomber jacket I picked up from Lehgit.
For the longest time I have been looking for a long army green bomber but have not been fully satisfied with the ones I have been seeing. However when I went to Legit the other day and spotted this one,  Heaven fell to earth. From just looking at it, I had already decided I was leaving with it.

I spotted this one in Campus Square and could already see the outfits that I could create with it in my mind. I’ve been buying a lot of things of this colour and to add this bomber jacket to the collection was such a pleasure. Firstly the jacket is warm! From just looking at it, you would think it’s just a jacket that would make you look nice but at the same time make you freeze but absolutely not! The jacket is honestly so warm that you don’t need to layer anything in.

The jacket has also got that oversized feel to it giving a Rihanna(bad girl) kind of vibe but because it’s also long it’s got that stylish feel to it automatically upgrading any look to the next level. I also love the fact that you can remove the fur on it making the jacket wearable for all seasons.


Because it is an outfit upgrader I easily wear this jacket with simple things inside, For instance I would add in some black jeans/leggings and just a simple top because the jacket already takes the outfit from level to level.

Outfit Details
Jacket : Legit
Leggings : Mr Price
Boots : Mr Price

Thank you do much for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post!




Hey guys what is popping? Today I’m coming at you with another Fashion blogpost featuring these bomb ass pants that have for some reason being trending. I’ve had these pants for the longest time and only today I decided to take them out and do a little something with them.

I actually didn’t even think these pants would fit me when I took them out because of how long ive had them but God was like daughter, you don’t need to spend that R300, I got you.  I don’t know where I bought them but you can get something like this at Sportscene or Adidas.

The shirt I got from Legit last year on black Friday and I’ve been loving it forever since. It’s actually a body suit and I like how sexy it can make an outfit. 

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Hey guys what’s popping? Today I’m coming at you with a DIY. Over sometime I have been creating my own lipstick shades because when times are tough you gotta make it work with what you have. Today I’ll show you how to make your own nude lipgloss/lipstick.
What you will need.

  1. Colourless lip gloss or vaseline.
  2. Concealer or foundation

Finding a nude Lipstick that works for your skin tone can be a big job and at times very expensive too. So I decided to come up with my own way to make your own from at home and at almost nothing.


  • Step 1 : Using your brush or beauty blender apply the foundation/concealer that you use on your face to your lips. Don’t apply too much just enough that you can see that your lips have changed colour.
  • Step 2 : Add Vaseline or your lipgloss to your lips and just keep rubbing your lips together to get it to the right comfortable consistency. I’d say add enough.

And that’s basically the easiest way to come up with the perfect nude colour for your skin tone. You will need to keep adding more vaseline or lipgloss as time goes but this shouldn’t be a problem.

To add a bit of colour. Add a pink lipstick( I used my Revlon Matte Balm in the shade 205) to the colour just to come up with a pink nude but this shouldn’t be necessary. Thank me later!

Anyway thank you for reading. I hope this post was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it. Help someone else by sharing and let’s all beat this beauty life.


WINTER OUTFIT 2017:05:20

Hey guys what’s GOOD? Winter has finally arrived and it’s time to put away all those shorts and short skirts and bring out those big ass jackets and gloves.

Here I’m wearing a very warm outfit but also an outfit that can bring in some air so you’re covered for both weather’s. I am wearing some simple tight leggings that were actually a two pack at a cheap price and I paired it with a black long sleeved shirt just so that everything is intact and then just in case the weather changes I am wearing this lovely navy blue jacket that would shock you at how warm it is.

This easy actually a very cheap outfit and what’s nice is that it’s very warm but you can still look good. To end off my outfit I added some black boots because it is actually winter and we shouldn’t disrespect that.

Get your own.

Black shirt : Mr Price R49.99
Leggings :  2 pack for R129.99 at Legit 
Boots : Mr Price (can’t remember the price)
Jacket : R169.99 at JET Stores

Bag : Legit  for R159.99



Hey guys what is up. Welcome to collabmas day 14, well more like blogmas day 14 because today again I don’t have another collaboration (this is getting sad) lol but it’s okay.Firstly I’d like to say Happy Birthday to my cuz, let’s lay off the ratchetivity. Anyway today I,  gonna be showing you 3 types of dresses you can rock for Christmas. 

So for Christmas I feel like the unsaid rule and tradition is that you wear formal and your best kind of clothes (well in most movies that I see). And for girls I kind of feel like that is the day where you take out your classiest skirts and dresses. 

Anyway here are top 3 dresses to look classy in. 

1. Skater dress/ red dress.

Firstly red is like the traditional Christmas colour and no one would say anything about the colour because it’s Christmas. Also a Kate skirts are the perfect dresses to a still look classy in but also casual in too. Also if you’re a child wearing this then it won’t look too classy.

2. Bodycons.

Okay so bodycons are one of my favourite type of dresses.  I like the fact that you could wear them with any type of shoe and you could still look classy. Also if you don’t really want to go out that much this is the best and sexy way to look simple. 
 3. Slip on dresses.

Slip on dresses are more the alternative way to looking extra classy. Add some simple heels and you’re A graded. Slip on dresses are the best because they are very easy to style and they look amazing on everyone. Also there is no way to dress down a slip on dress, it will forever look classy.  

Yup guys so those are my top 3 dresses to wear to a Christmas dinner or event. I’ve made sure to add a dress for each kind of person and so that anyone would still look good in them. Which dress was your favourite and are you a heel or sneaker kind of girl? 


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