Hey guys what is up? So yesterday we were given our exam timetable(let me just say it didn’t look good) and while I was studying for today’s test I thought since exams were coming soon, why not give you guys some tips on or show you how to write down your study notes. In a way that makes it more interesting, fun and that everything is much clearer and that you don’t fall asleep while studying.

Use colours and markers.
No it doesn’t matter if you’re minimalistic or that you only like black and white colours, go all out! If you have the money go buy the supplys and just have all different colours there is.
Make sure your headings and important notes stand out. For instance you could colour in all your headings in green and highlight all the important keywords in yellow while making sure to add in some notes in an orange colour. I suggest using bright Colors rather than dark colours as they’ll stand out a bit more than using dark colors that will drain and make everything dark. You could also just underline everything that is important and make it in bold writing.

Pictures or drawings.
Do you have a printer and computer at home? If you do then you could go researching for pictures that explain what you’ve written in text in to a picture form. Use different pictures and make sure to add some colourful borders around them. If you don’t have a printer then you could just draw the pictures, yes explain what ever your notes say into a little doodle or diagram. You could also draw tables and cycles to explain what is going on.

One thing that I do all the time is putting my goal mark on top of my sheet so that I see it all the time as I scan through my notes. Basically what this will do is that it will keep on reminding you  of what you want to achieve and it will keep you striving for that mark or more. So write it up in big letters, blog mark it and even high light it in a bright colour so you can remember what you’re aiming for.

The most common mistake that I make when writing my study notes all the time is writing everything word for word . Never do this! Always try to understand what ever you’re learning to an extent that you can write it in your own words. So simplify everything into sensible and good writings because you won’t have the time to learn everything word for word and remember everything. And make sure to write it in a clearer easier form in your language. So instead of using big words try to use words that use I your every day life.

On the sidelines try to explain your work by giving little key words or little doodles so you can get the picture of what you’re talking about.

Things to avoid doing.
Writing your work in endless paragraphs. This will definitely make you sleep.
Writing in one colour. This will, l just make your notes dull and lifeless giving you that attitude too.

Yuup guys so those are my tips on how to write your study notes. I hope that these help you a lot and that you can see some whole new light into your studying. I wish everyone good luck with their exams and that you guys write properly and get some good marks. If you use any if methods already do tell me In the comments and if thers any more tips then also leave them in the comments.

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