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Hey guys what is good, welcome right back to JourneySpeaks!!! On the 7th of November, Magaliesburg Wine was kind enough to invite me and a couple of other influential people on an adventure with them to the Magaliesburg mountains. Magaliesburg Wine took us on a  Magaliesburg Canopy Tour where we went zip lining and flying about in the air. Here’s my take on it.


When I got the email from Megan inviting me to #adventureawaits I was way over happiness. Especially when I saw the date because I knew that I could take the day off and actually attend. We were all told that there’d be transport for everyone from a central point and that we should all be there at a specific time -but you know your girl had to be late :/ *still apologizing*. However, the Magaliesburg Wine team was so understanding and actually so sweet to wait for me and take me with.

Then the adventure began! From being on the bus Ben who is a winemaker got me clued up about the wine and how they operated and actually told me a bit more about Magaliesburg wine. I would say the ride from Sandton, Johannesburg to the Sparkling Waters Hotel & Spa was about 2 hours long, -which was a bit too long for me but it gave us enough time to get acquainted with each other.

When we got to the Sparkling Waters Hotel & Spa my first reaction was “what the heck are we doing here” I was absolutely confused, nervous and at the same time very excited! But all the people at the canopy tours were so welcoming and so kind that we just laughed off everything and focused on having a great time. Mike who was our “tour guide”  informed us about what we were going to do, safety procedures and all that was going to happen while making jokes so that we didn’t get too technical and lose focus.\

To get to the actual zip lining venue we then went on a top class limo ride which was about 15 minutes and even though the ride was rocky we still enjoyed it. While not forgetting that Mike and Godfrey got our brains heated by questions that seemed easy but we knew nothing about!



Upon getting to the actual zip lining venue I was really nervous because it literally looked like we were going to be flying on some ropes over some mountains. However, this all changed when I went on my first slide and began to get comfortable with the feel of the ropes and actually realized that it wasn’t that bad. Let’s just say the more you do it, the more comfortable you get!

It did get quite tricky when we got to I think the 5th slide and they told us we had to break on our own because we could be coming too fast. My reaction was “excuse me?” I have terrible trust issues with myself so for them to be telling me to depend on myself was really concerning lol. However, we all got the hang of it and continued on the great adventure.

After doing all the slides we then went on a small little hike where I felt they were setting us to death! However, it was really short so I was thankful to God for keeping me alive 😀 What was also nice about the adventure was the educational part of it as well. While we were busy having fun Mike would also add in a couple of educational comments and facts that we didn’t know about the earth and South Africa.

After flying about in the air and then going on the small hike we then went on to some lunch which consisted of some burgers and fries and then Magaliesburg wine fixed us up with some cocktails to just help us relax and wind down. We all then just had a great time talking about the adventure and getting to know each other more. I can definitely tell you that no one was ready for the ride back home.

I honestly had a great time that I will most definitely do zip lining again and a huge thank you goes to the whole of the Magaliesburg wine team for organizing such a great adventure because I wouldn’t have thought that flying in the air was great fun. I also met some really great people while on this adventure that I can now call friends. If you’re interested in zip lining or would just like to try something new I’d definitely recommend going on the canopy tour, it’s just amazing. I will also leave some links for you guys if any of you decide you want to try it out.

I will also have a blog post up about the Magaliesburg wine that I got to take home and maybe try out a few recipes so if you’re looking forward to that then make sure you are following the blog.



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Thank you so much for reading!

Magaliesberg Canopy Tour



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Hey guys what is good?! Welcome back to JourneySpeaks. Today I am coming at you with another blog post! But what’s different about today’s blog post is that not only is it something I’ve never done before but it’s something happening locally(in South Africa). So to all my local readers we can start dancing.
I’ve recently been introduced to a company called Travelstart which is a Cape Town based one-stop online travel shop and can I first just say MAGIC. Basically what Travelstart does is offer low airfares on international and domestic flights from different airlines, vehicle hire options from top car rental companies and hotel reservations bookable for properties on every continent Meaning they offer something for every traveler’s budget.

Now the best part about Travelstart is that Travelstart has a student flight page dedicated to all students (me and you) where they offer not only discounted flight specials but useful student tips on how to go about seeing the world as a student. Today I will be doing a review on their students flight page.

When I was first introduced to TravelStart I thought it was just another company trying to make money but to my amazement they were doing the opposite, trying to make us money! 

What I love most about the student flights page is that it’s so easy to navigate and work around with, for a person who’s always using her phone for everything I love that I don’t get any complications when using the page and I don’t have to switch to  a computer to be able to work with it. They’ve made it so easy to understand that you automatically know what you are doing even though you’re clueless.

What’s also nice is that on the page they let you compare flights and let you see what works well for you and what you can do to save money. The little app that they have on the page is also extremely useful especially for people who like to plan ahead and start saving before time because the little tool allows you to plan your flight, check what you need to save for the flight, what company you can go with and it breaks down the flight details for you so that you are aware of the time it would take you to get to your venue and how many kilograms of luggage you can carry.

I also love the fact that they understand that you are a student and that you are still learning about life so they’ve got all travelling tips and advice for you to make sure you make the right move. –Now who doesn’t need this? It’s like having your own travel assistant who’s got your back and makes sure that you get everything for the right price.

Travelstart’s student flight page is so informative that you can do your research right there. You always have a helping hand I believe you can always learn something and a BONUS is that they have a number that you can call when you need help with your booking(talk about kickass wherever you go service!). Please go read up on their page to learn a bit more about travelling and saving money . They’ve got so many tips such as How to book cheap student flights, Money saving tips while travelling and Top Tips For Moving Into Residence That Every Student Should Know! 

ts_logo_genericIf you are a student I’d like for you guys to check out Travelstart’s Student Flights page and make use of it because there is no way that you are loosing, it’s that type of a deal where you’re always on the winning end and please do share the page with your student friends so we can all WIN!

Thank you so much for reading, please give this post a like and leave a comment saying where you’d like to go to one day.


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Hey guys what is up?! Can I get a round of applause for the back to back posts this week?!(thank you, thank you) Today I am coming at you with a fashion travel blog post – how to look good when you travel publicly.  It is one thing when you travel with your family and friends at the comfort of your own vehicle but it becomes another HUGE thing when you travel with people you don’t know because you’ve got to ditch those dirty socks and slippers into something lookable. So today I will give you tips and tricks to looking bomb  when travelling publicly. 

When I travel I forget that I’m actually travelling and go all out because I feel like looking good is always a main factor. If I look good and feel good then I’m gonna be popping the whole way. Also there is going to be other people and who knows your future husband could be sitting right next to you so always look good!

Be extra.

No, I don’t mean wearing glitter skirts and lady gaga heels I just mean don’t tell yourself that you are travelling. Actually, cancel that out. Take it as if what if someone decides to take a picture of you. So gout there to actually make a statement and a few eyes turn.


Okay when I travel with family and friends I don’t like wearing makeup because I don’t want to be worrying about eyeliner smudging or touching up my lipstick. But that’s only when I’m traveling with my family. When I’m traveling publicly I like to step it up! You never know if you might just meet your future husband. So the tip is to make sure your face looks presentable – whether its by putting on a bomb ass beat face or well moisturized and hydrated face that’s up to you but make sure you look good! No eye crusts allowed! If you are gonna go for the natural look putting a bit of mascara and eyeliner won’t hurt and make sure your lips are always moisturized.


The tip here is to be comfortable (especially if you’re gonna be on the road for a long time) but also stylish at the same time. An easy way out would be wearing track suit pants and a matching sweat shirt or wearing leggings and an over the top shirt. However to step it up literally make an outfit that you would wear when you know you are gonna see your enemy but I would say a portable outfit is always the best to avoid having too many pieces and just have a jacket that will level up the outfit.

Here are some outfit Ideas.

Your bag/luggage1867c2d1305f96cf4b7b32cd643d822a

I think after looking at you, people always look at your bag. This is like the overall factor to the conclusion. So don’t be that one person with a ratchet looking bag that just screams no, have a legit bag that puts you on the mark and that you’re not ashamed of and don’t mind taking a picture with. Some cool bags to look at are MAHI leather bags.


Your hair.

Some people seem to think that travelling is an excuse to not do hair, – its not! I’m not saying come with a Rihanna hairstyle I’m just saying make sure your head looks presentable and put together. In fact do an easy hairstyles such as a bun or even presentable corn rows because you are gonna be sitting for a long time and you can’t be worrying about curls staying bomb. The tip here is to not be lazy with your hair because you could be looking good (outfit and face) but if your hair is not presentable then that’s gonna put the whole look down.

Be equipped.

Traveling comes with so many issues especially travelling by buses or taxies so always be prepared. Don’t have silly things like the weather putting you off the mark. The weather might just change so have a bomb ass jacket ready on the go. When it starts getting cold we don’t want to see weird jackets coming out make sure it’s a jacket that I’m gonna want and that goes with your actual outfit.

List of things to make sure you’re equipped.

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or beanie
  • Jacket
  • Makeup wipes
  • Lipstick
  • Powder

And that is basically it! Looking good is how you present yourself on the  outside but also on the inside. So make sure you look good guys.  Put away that thought of I DON’T CARE  and actually care not for anyone else but for yourself too. Otherwise happy travelling guys! Thank you for reading and I hope this post helped someone out there.





Hey guys what is up? So today I wanted to tell you guys about all the things that I’d like to do before I die. Sort of like a bucket list but instead of making it very short I wanted it to be very long to show that this was something i wanted to do before i died, meaning my whole life.

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